Thursday, November 7, 2019

Some Greater Good Additions

Some new adds for my Tau collection.
Here are a couple of models for a faction for which I have not painted for quite a while...some 40k Tau! There is a Broadside battlesuit, two drones - all GW models - and a "Greater Good Deep Strike Veteran Big Shas" from Wargames Exclusive.

Earlier this fall ByronM was kind enough to host several folks for a "FriendsCon" - a group of players who love GW's 40k setting, so much so that as a group we ignore the things we don't like about the 8th edition of the rules and just play for kicks.  Curt brought out his Sisters of Battle, and at the time had shared with us how jazzed he had been to work on those figures again, as the Sisters had been a force he collected "back in the day".  Ah - the power of nostalgia!

When assembling my own FriendsCon force, I was moved to go back into an old collection as well - my Tau! I built and painted nearly all of my Tau forces back when they were originally released (around 2000 or so?) - so many of my Tau models are almost all 20 years old! The Tau were one of the first real attempts I had made at a "serious" 40k collection - a complete force, with attention to painting etc. etc. that was a big deal for me back then. I had loved how the red and white painting combo had come out, and even though we got carved to bits on the table, they generally looked great while getting blasted/obliterated/tabled. 

But time moves on, and my hobby interests moved all over the place (as you can see at the side of this blog!).  And at several points, I vowed I would sell my Tau forces, and I tried to on several occasions - but a sale never worked out. So I still had all of these models for FriendsCon. With Byron's help, I sort-of-figured-out-a-bit of the Tau's 8th Edition codex, dusted off the models after pulling them out of storage, and hit the table with them. And you know what? It was super fun! A sign from the Hobby Gods that these models must stay in my collection - and be improved...hence these models!

And wow...have the Tau ever changed! The models available from GW for the Tau range today are really something. New suits. New drones. New versions of suits. Wow!  My amazing wife even got one of them for me for Christmas in of the new Broadside suits, so in October I put that model together and got out the red paint!

XV88 Broadside Suit

XV88 Broadside battlesuit.  That huge frigging rail gun sure fits with the 40k vibe!
This isn't new to any Tau gamer out there, of course, but wow, it was new to me. The early version of the XV88 Broadside suits was essentially a basic XV8 Crisis suit with some additional metal bits. This newer one is larger, is bigger - and WAY cooler!

Old and new...the model on the right was painted back in 1999!!!
The Broadside Suits are very much an anti-tank/anti-heavy-armour weapon (as you might guess!). In 40k's 8th Edition, these sorts of weapons are much less effective against vehicles than they used to be.  But wow, the vision of the rail gun as a huge frigging rifle is SO neat. I love it.

Fantastic detail on the can see the Smart Missile pods on the right shoulder.

The sculpting/design of this model is super cool...what a great re-visioning of the XV88
This suit is also sporting some "smart" missiles.  I recall back in the days of the Third Edition that the Smart Missiles were kind of useless, but they seem much more effective now. In fact, you can build this new Broadside to be armed with nothing but missiles...but I just think the rail gun is too cool, so I didn't do that. 
Shield drone on the left, marker drone on the right.
Markerlight cool! We didn't have these back in 3rd edition...
Shield drone...for an old salt like me, very cool to see these as fully plastic models...back in the day you needed to get metal parts to convert a gun drone to a shield drone.
You also get drones - it's the Tau after all! There are so many more types of drones now...I went with a shield drone and a markerlight drone, just to experiment building them and painting them.

Deep Strike Veteran Shas

A cigar? Is that greater good for your health?
This is a resin model from "Wargames Exclusive", purveyors of very interesting alternate 40K figures.  Their "Greater Good" range has some really interesting figures.  The "Gunslinger" - a character model I painted back in 2016 - is also from "Wargames Exclusive.  These figures are very cool. This grumpy-looking character "Shas" is very interesting, not your typical cool, smooth eco-urbanite Tau Fire Warrior, is he?

Cool view of the "jump pack"...

Shas with friend, the mysterious "Gunslinger"...
A cigar-chomping drop veteran? Hey, why not? He sure looks cool, and could serve as a "Cadre Fireblade" or something while on the gaming table.

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warpaintjj said...

I didn't know you had Tau too...
Very nicely painted, time to check out the Wargames Exclusive range I think.
I play Tau for the first time next Tuesday, actually rather daunting, time to trust in Father Nurgle!
Best wishes,

tim said...

Ooooh! Nice!

Moiterei_1984 said...

I'd never have expected you to have a soft spot for Tau, but man these are excellent! Very well done my friend.

Curt said...

Wow! That suit look fabulous, Greg. Great looking livery. The pilot really caps off the entry - love the stuff from Wargames Exclusive.