Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Adeptus Titanicus Escalation-icus - New Warlord for Horus

Horus for hope! A new addition for the forces of Legio Mortis, seen seen here equipped with paired laser-blasters on the carapace, as well as a plasma annihilator and a power fist.
It's been great to see a new Titan Legio taking shape on Dallas' painting table! His progress has inspired me to continue working on my own Adeptus Titanicus collection - the process of "collection escalation" is always a great motivator.  Earlier in the fall I finished a second Warlord for my loyalist forces, which was fun! But it left the rebels of my Legio Mortis forces a little under-equipped to pursue the Warmaster's enlightened agenda through the galaxy.  I have addressed this disparity by completing a second Warlord for Legio Mortis! As with the additions to my loyalist collection earlier this fall, I have also finished an assortment of different weapons to give rebel Titan commanders some variety in their weapon choices. I am pleased to share some photos of the latest addition to the Warmaster's forces - along with some new weapons - here in this post.

The Arm Weapons

The "Bellicosa Volcano Cannons".
The "Plasma Annihilator".

The "Macro Gatling Blaster",
The "Quake Cannon".
The "Arioch Power Claw".
A view of the paired laser blasters on the carapace. With the "shieldbane" attribute, these weapons are also great at damaging enemy void shields - and once those shields are down, these weapons have a legitimate chance to damage enemy God-engines, as opposed to the missile launchers, which struggle to cause damage on targets once shields are down.
The New Titan 

The "out of the box" load-out - paired "Apocalypse Launchers" on the carapace, and "Volcano Cannons" on the arms.
The "out of the box" weapon loadouts which came in the original Warlord Titan box included a set of paired missile launchers for the carapace weapon mounts and two volcano cannons - one for each arm.  In game terms, this is a pretty punishing weapon combo, as the paired missile launchers are great for knocking down void shields, while the volcano cannon is arguable to most destructive weapon available in the game.  A Warlord kitted out in this way will wreck lots of stuff - but it also will have little incentive to maneuver, and operate mostly as a giant weapon battery.

The Quake Cannon - hits hard, and knocks enemy engines out of position!
Now that GW finally has a good variety of weapons available for the Warlord models (and they are now actually, you know, available for sale) you have options to use the Warlord Titans in different ways in the game, which is more fun!

Just imagine the shell casings falling from this weapon...
This weapon load-out can smash enemy void shields - both the missile launchers and the gatling cannon can fire at volume.  The gatling cannon can also hit home once the shields are down - as can the quake cannon!
The plastic Warlord Titan model kit is a beautiful piece of hobby work and I do love working on them. The models are complex - you will need to take your time to build them. But while the model itself is complex, thank goodness the designers created the Warlords in such a way that magnetizing the weapons is super-easy! This makes swapping the different weapons on and off a Warlord Titan very easy.   

The Plasma Annihilator...a flexible weapon for Warlord Princeps. You don't need to push the reactor to use it, but you can go to "maximal" and this makes it an ideal weapon to deliver a killing shot.
The "power claw" - a devastating weapon, but must be used up close!
A close up showing one of the new, alternate heads - this comes on the same sprue as the plasma annihilators, laser blasters and power fist.
 A view of some of the back details - these model kits are just incredible. I tried to put a splash of colour here and there among the pipes, plates and pistons - with a focus on the crew door.
My AT18 collection is not yet fully balanced yet between the loyalists and rebels - there is no sort of requirement to do this, it's all in my head, but for AT18 I'm trying to keep my loyalist and rebels at a roughly equal size. With this in mind, I still need to add some Cerastus Knights for the rebel side. But Warlord-Titan-parity is an important milestone of sorts (certainly, it is from the Warmaster's perspective :) I also hope it will help drive Dallas in his continued efforts to complete his own Titan maniple. 

The latest "family photo" for Legio Mortis.
The new "Adeptus Titanicus" is a great game, and the opportunity to field multiple Warlord Titans and work some of these new weapons into future games will - I hope - make it even more fun for the players.

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Michael Awdry said...

Oh my goodness, these get better and better.

Dallas said...

Escalation indeed - fantastic work there dude!

Curt said...

Awesome work Dude! I need to pull my thumb out and get my additional weapons done up. Another potential project for the Painting Challenge. Squirrel!!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looking rather posh in his velvet livery!