Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cars - Gaslands and Formula De

A couple weeks back, I ran a Gaslands game at Game-itoba, a local convention (our game is 27 seconds into the video). Of course I already have loads of cars painted, but I'd just bought a couple more and was wanting to try out a "fast-painting" technique I'd seen on the excellent Sho3box blog.

Basically you take your Hot Wheels cars, glue the wheels in place, add and basecoat paint the conversion parts. You can pick out a random panel or two and paint it black, then stipple your colour of choice over that, to represent a replaced panel. I did that on the driver's side fender and passenger quarter panel on the Camaro, above. Then give the car an allover wash of Nuln Oil.

After that's dry, go over it again with a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Next you sponge a dark brown over the lower part of the car, followed with some drybrushed silver over the replaced panels and guns, and some regular sponge chipping. Final step is to paint in the lights, matt varnish the model, then go back over the lights with gloss. Done!

Here are the two rally cars I did - VW Scirocco and Ford Sierra. As with the Camaro and Beetle seen above, the weapons I used were from the excellent "Implements of Carnage" sprue produced by North Star.

The "wings" were black plastic, repainted with Mechanicus Standard Grey.

MSG was also used on the windows to represent armour plate, with black slits for vision.

And now for something completely different...

I'm a big Formula 1 enthusiast and from time to time in the past I've been able to convince the lads to play a game of "Formula De'. Of course, we can't use the lame plastic cars included with the game - I bought and painted pretty much a whole grid of cars for us to use.

This bunch is based (mostly) on the 2005 Formula 1 world championship season. The first pic above shows Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (M. Schumacher and Barrichello) and BMW Williams (Webber and Heidfeld). Immediately above (left to right): West McLaren Mercedes (Raikkonen and Montoya), Mild Seven Renault F1 (Alonso and Fisichella), Panasonic Toyota (Trulli and R. Schumacher)...

...Lucky Strike BAR Honda (Button and Sato), Sauber Petronas (J. Villeneuve and Massa), Red Bull Racing (Coulthard and Klien), Jaguar (Webber - 2004 season).

Here's Michael Schumacher's Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro car.

And Mark Webber's BMW Williams.

These cars are tiny. As they say, small but perfectly formed. I'm thinking of getting some more to paint up in some historical liveries. The mid-1970s and early '80s were great times for F1, not to mention the early '90s with Senna and Prost at the wheel. Fun!


Michael Awdry said...

Just loving that distressed look!

Dallas said...

Thanks Michael - the Gaslands cars are a bit more weathered than my usual efforts but I think they look cool.

DaveV said...

I remember seeing them "in person" at the convention. Great effect!

Curt said...

Awesome! I still cherish the ones you did up for me years ago for my Formula De collection. Great stuff.