Thursday, January 31, 2019

Painting Challenge Theme Submission - LOTR Orcs

Arrgh! It's the bad guys from Middle Earth! Orcs from GW's "Lord of the Rings" line.
Another "theme" submission for Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  The theme in this case was "Sport"...I couldn't really come up with something, but I had been painting some Lord of the Rings figures, and wanted to keep in that setting for a bit, so I thought some Orcs would do.  I mean, hunting orc seems like a sporting thing to do in Middle Earth, does it not?

Two-handed weapons and "archers".
These are all plastic sculpts from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings line.  There are 12 orcs here, the product of one sprue-worth of orcs from a "Return of The King" box set.

Orcs with the one figure with the bonkers mask.
There two orcs with bows, four orcs with spears/polearms, four orcs with hand-weapons and shields, and two orcs with heavier, two-handed weapons.

Good old basic, straightforward Mordor Orcs.
In games of Lord of the Rings, you generally need orcs. Often quite a lot of them. In our gaming group Dallas has always done the heavy lifting of ensure there are lots of orcs on hand for the games, so hopefully I can finally now chip in a bit with a few bad guys of my own.

Sauron is such a great boss!
The Painting Challenge continues to move along at a good clip - be sure to check it out - including some tremendous work from Byron and Mike F!


Codsticker said...

Love 'em! I bought the new boxed game but all I've done is opened it and caressed the sprues.

Dallas said...

They look great!