Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Imperial Fist - Dreadnought Escalation

No fancy photo booth here so you'll have to suffer through these photos. I managed to complete 3 Dreadnoughts for the Fist. First up is a leviathan with Grav-Flux Bombard and siege drill.
A Contemptor with Plasma Cannon followed by a Contemptor Mortis with Lascannons.

I started these during the summer, but neglected completing them in favor of some mini projects, so they do not count towards the Painting Challenge. I decided to get them done for the mega game today. The paint is still curing so their demise on the table should be all but guaranteed.


L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

Bravo! Yellow is great!
Happy new year!

Dallas said...

They looked great on the table man! I think they all died too, didn't they??

MFraser said...

The mortis survived and the leviathan hung on for longer than I expected. That was alot of firepower from the Iron Warriors.

Greg B said...

Incredible work Mike - and they looked even better on your amazing “Seige of Terra” terrain. Outstanding stuff.