Monday, October 15, 2018

Reavers for "Adeptus Titanicus"

Anyone call for some Titans? Two new Legio Mortis engines report for duty...
More giant walking machines for wars of the future in "Adeptus Titanicus"! Two Reaver class Titans for Legio Mortis received their finishing touches on the painting table this past weekend. These are new plastic kits available from GW, part of the new range for the re-booted game featuring Titans battling it out during the Horus Heresy. 

The Reaver class Titans are not so large as the big Warlord-class engines, but they are still pretty large and heavily-equipped.  They are front-line war engines for the Titan Legions of GW's 30k setting.

WIP shot - drying in the "goop", waiting for the black base coat.

I painted the torsos and heads separately from the legs.  Felt slower for some reason. 

Nearly ready for final assembly in this photo - just waiting for decals  (and heads).
"Family photo" of Legio Mortis - still waiting for Warhounds at this point, but ready to move out. 
While they do not have quite so many parts as the new Warlord Titan models, these new Reaver kits from GW are still quite involved.  As with the Warlords, the plastic Reaver kits will reward patience and offer a lot of flexibility for posing etc.  The models are faithful recreations of the current Reaver design from Forge World.  This is great, but there are a few elements of that design that make this assembly a little more tricky - the exposed hoses/cables on the legs and on the head of the Titan. The Pictionary-style instructions are not super clear on these at first, but with some careful application of glue, and some patience, you will get them done.  Just take some time, don't rush, and all will be well. 

"Something need punching? We're here to help..."
The models are also forgiving - on one of the new Reavers featured in this post, the "hip" sections of the legs are mounted backwards! Oops...a credit to the tech-priests who blessed the Reaver design that the models can handle some stupidity on my part.

The plain carapace is a nice option, but I struggled to fill it up with markings...will have to try harder next time. 

Power fist ready to punch someone/thing - note the cable connecting it to the body. Do NOT use this stupid fiddly part - you don't actually have to, but I was determined to try and follow the directions on this first effort. 
A huge bonus, in my opinion, for these models is that they come with some variety in their weapon mounts! While there is only a single option for the carapace (the ubiquitous "Apocalypse Launcher" - love the names), you can choose between a close combat fist, gatling cannon or turbo-laser for the arm mounts.  Even better, if you model the power fist, you can choose between an open or closed fist - great stuff, and showing GW at its best, and a stark contrast to the very disappointing weapon selection in the Warlord kits. 

Enough laser power to melt just about anything/one...
On the downside, the weapons are not simple to magnetize, unlike the weapon mounts on the Warlord. Kind of a strange inconsistency from GW, but I guess not that surprising, when one considers (as commenter Amy noted) the "strange and mysterious ways" of GW.  I don't fiddle with magnets unless it is simple to do, so these Reavers are not magnetized, but glued together like a traditional model. 

You also have the option of a very elaborate carapace plate in the model kit - the options are great to have, and certainly the detail on the "detailed" option is off the hook - great job by GW.  I figure this engine will have some kind of snooty crew that feels they are worthy of all the flash up top. 
I am trying to get an "Axiom Battle Maniple" painted for both the Rebel and Loyalist factions in my "Adeptus Titanicus" collection.  The Axiom Maniple has a total of five god-engines when fully deployed - one Warlord, two Reavers and two Warhounds. So that means two Reavers per side. Naturally, once the models arrived, of course I started with the Rebel side first.  Funny how that happens with me all the time...Horus for Hope!

Ready for a walk...
One Reaver is sporting a combo of a power fist and a gatling cannon - this engine will keep moving on the battlefield, peppering the void shields of the enemy engines with the cannon until the range can be closed and the fist used to smash recalcitrant followers of the so-called "Emperor" into powder. 

Dual turbo-laser mounts should hopefully dish out punishment to enemy engines who lose their void shields. 
The other Reaver has a pair of turbo-laser mounts on the arms- throwing out enough focused energy that we can nickname it "The Happy Cooker".  This engine will move into a supporting firing position to help the big Warlord bring down targets who have lost their void shields. The two laser mounts should help cook some big holes in the armour of those who foolishly deny the glory of Horus Lupercal.

"Reactors to full power! Horus for hope!"
As newly painted models, what could possibly go wrong on the table?  I'm looking forward to getting these fellows into action.  But I should probably paint a few more Loyalist engines up first - after all, you need targets to practice on, right?  I will try and get started on the Loyalist Reavers this week...and the new Warhounds should arrive soon too.  Painting reactors to full power! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope everyone has a great day!     


Mark Ryan said...

Nice Work!

AmyC said...

Great looking engines and the "family shot" is great. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the Warhounds!

Dallas said...

Wow - outstanding stuff as always!

MajorTheRed said...

Nice stuff! The level of detail is impressive for 10mm!
Are the weapons exchangeable between the Warlord and Reaver to compensate for lack of choice for the Warlord?

Moiterei_1984 said...

They look great Greg!