Thursday, October 4, 2018

28mm Prussian Command Base

Prussian command from 1870 - 28mm figures from Wargames Foundry
A lot of "Adeptus Titanicus" and "Epic 30k" work has been coming from the painting table in recent weeks, but I'm still trying not to lose focus on a larger, long-term project - my 28mm Franco-Prussian War.  So in the midst of painting Titans and Knights over the past few weeks, I have also been finishing these two fellows to make a command base for my Prussians. 

These are castings from Wargames Foundry, home to the most comprehensive range of 28mm Franco-Prussian castings out there (although the awesome folks at "Eagles of Empire" are working hard to release more and more stuff - give them a look!).  These figures were sculpted by the Perry Brothers "back in the day", and as with so much of their work, are an absolute treat to paint. 

Classic sculpts, a real treat to paint.
This base will serve to mark a Prussian regimental command for games of "Black Powder" that I hope to run in this setting.  At my current pace, I'm hoping that will be early in 2019, although you never know...but I am quite "in" to "Adeptus Titanicus" and 30k stuff at the moment, so that will slow the rate of painting for these lovely Franco-Prussian War figures. 

"Let's advance that way. I doubt those French rifles will be a problem..."
All the same, the pace of this project is not too bad, considering how flighty my painting whims can be. It was just about a year ago that I started wandering down the Franco-Prussian war period path - excited, of course, to dive into a new period and setting which had really piqued my interest, but also wary of my own tendency to be diverted toward other projects before I could finish. I really wanted to play a "Black Powder" game in this period with formed units, but even a small game would mean painting up a couple hundred castings... so there was potential to see this idea of playing "Black Powder" in this setting go nowhere... 

A "group photo" of the Prussian units painted to far, so good!
But so far, so good! I don't have a super-exact planned lineup of figures to finish in my mind before attempting to run a game, but I feel about half-way there...the Prussians contingent for a game is nearly finished, maybe one or two more units.  Then I will turn to the brushes toward the French (and Bavarians)!

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Anton Ryzbak said...

Great Looking stuff there!
Keep up the good work

Peter Douglas said...

Command stand looks great there Greg as does the whole hunnish horde or horrors.

Not sure how many units you've got there, but I'd say there's enough for a Table Top Teaser depending on whether the Franchise have similar numbers.

Simon Quinton said...

Very nicely done looks great.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Have I read Bavarians? Now you’ve got my full attention! I would never ever like to be called a Bavarian, but... oh I‘m disgressing. Never mind.
Wonderful work on your command stand Greg! Quite impressive array of troops as well. I‘d never have had the stomach to see this through. Not even to your ‚half way there‘ stage.

Phil said...

Splendid command vignette, well done!

john de terre neuve said...

Great work as usual Greg