Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Few More Mahdists

Fresh Mahdist troops prepare for rebellion in my kitchen...
Another unit is ready to join my growing force of 28mm Mahdist warriors! There is a warband group of warriors and another group of individual riflemen to act as skirmishers. The figures are 28mm metal castings from the incredible line of miniatures sold by Perry Miniatures.

A mix of weapons on the bases...a rifle, spears and a swordsman

The small group of individually-based riflemen will join the slowly expanding group of skirmish troops that will accompany the Mahdist main force to battle.

The Mahdist command base sports a banner downloaded from a free online flag source

The warband is a mix of figures painted years ago, topped up with some additional figures I painted recently in the wake of finally completing my re-basing efforts for this collection. I have tried to blend the weapons a little bit, with a mix of spears, swords and even a couple of riflemen here and there.  There are 29 figures total in the unit, ready to bravely assault the forces of the British Empire, and overall there are now four full "warband" units at the core of my Mahdist forces.

Mahdist riflemen ready for skirmishing

You can never have too many Madhists for a Sudan game, but I'm pretty pleased with how the collection is coming together, bit by bit, building into the sort of bunch that will be able to be part of a full-on Black Powder game.  I'm looking forward to getting these fellows on the table for a scrap, hopefully sometime this fall.  Imagining the searing heat of the Sudan might warm us as winter prepares to blanket Winnipeg once again...


john de terre neuve said...

They look great Greg.

Carlo said...

These look excellent Greg and I agree that the Perry Miniatures range is absolutely superb. I went for the older, more stylised Connoisseur Miniatures selection of figures designed by Peter Gilder many, many moons ago and simply find them sensational. I have a few on my blog if you are keen to see them painted up: