Thursday, December 31, 2015

Third Painting Chellenge Entry - Epic 30k Death Guard, Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus

Epic 30k reinforcements
My third Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Entry is more Epic 30k material. It's an assortment of forces, including some bits from another Legion.
Death Guard tactical marines, with Rhino APCs in the background
Death Guard "devestators" - infantry with heavy weapons, with Land Raider tanks in the background
Up first are elements of another Space Marine Legion, the XIVth, known charmingly as the "Death Guard".  I find their backstory has a tint of emo-loser-teenager-sulking-in-the-basement-of-his-parent's-$500k-house to it. But at the same time, there is a humourless endurance about them that I find interesting.  It continues the trend of the traitor legions generally being cooler than the dull loyalist ones.  Also Byron and Dallas like this Legion, so I wanted to have a detachment of them on hand for gaming in Epic 30k with the group.

The fellow with the back banner marks the detachment commander
The Death Guard figures are all old-school plastic GW Epic figures from the 90s. If any of you nostalgia geeks like me are out there, you might recognize, from the original "Space Marine" game, the elements of one tactical detachment, one devestator detachment, one rhino APC detachment and one Land Raider detachment all in this batch.

Old plastic figures from GW - monopose, but still fun
Love the old Land Raider models...these are from the early 90s
Painting the old plastic Land Raiders is a lot of fun - these models are really, really old, but still hold up well as a quite fine rendering of the original 28mm-size Land Raider model, and still look fine on the table with the newer figures.

Rapier battery from the Imperial Fists
Ready to cut down the minions of Horus
Up next are some Imperial Fists from the VIIth Legion.  There is a battery of tracked infantry support weapons known as "Rapiers", and a brace of four Predator tanks - three are equipped with the standard autocannon/heavy bolter configuration, and one is an "annihilator", armed with a lot of lascannons.

Imperial Fist tanks - the one on the right is configured with extra anti-tank firepower

The Predator is an old-time favourite
A final, lonely element squeezed in for this submission is a Predator tank for the XVIth Legion, the Sons of Horus - mostly painted just to keep in practice, just didn't finish it in time for the last submission

Lonely tank for the Sons of Horus

The "Annihilator" version of the Predator tank - lots of anti-tank energy weapons on the vehicle

Overall there are 60 infantry, three crew-served guns and 11 vehicles, all in 6mm, which should net me another 55 points if I have the math correct (always a big  "if") toward my overall total goal of 1000 points, as well as my sci-fi duel and my 30k duel.  Brushes are down for now as I kick back on vacation. Have a happy New Year everyone!  Stay tuned for more in the New Year...


Millsy said...

I'm loving all this Epic stuff. It's inspiring me to get back to my Epic Squats project. Happy New Year mate!

Phil said...

Splendid job, great colors! Happy New Year...