Monday, January 5, 2015

HLBS 28mm 8-in. Howitzer

One of the lovely prezzies I got from Santa this year was this "28mm scale" 8-in Howitzer "MK V" from HLBS.

It's really quite a cracking little model. Assembly was easy, but I ended up pinning the metal wheels to the resin carriage

I also made a base for the model, just for stability.

Similar to what I've done for the Ork Flakk gun, I put pins into the base to match up with small unobtrusive holes in the underside of the gun. This way I can use the gun based or unbased.

I can see this model having a wide range of usefulness, from Great War games (obviously) to WWII and even 40K and other sci-fi settings. The gun is so Gothic looking and huge that it would be a natural fit for my 40K Chaos Renegades force - I've even bought a crew from Forgeworld for it.

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