Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Control Battalion Vehicle

Control vehicle for Control Battalion
Another random bit from the painting table finished off, and another piece for Control Battalion's motor pool.  Keeping with my whole "The Future Is Now" approach to Control Battalion vehicles, this is an IDF Nagma Sho't, a converted Centurion MBT (see here for what these are supposed to look like). It is essentially the chassis and body of a Centurion MBT with the turret removed and a new superstructure put into place. The model is from Peter Pig's excellent 15mm collection.

Mobile community outreach for Control Operational Groups

I believe the IDF intended this vehicle to be an extra tough IFV/APC, and they saw some action during the invasion of Lebanon in the 1980s. Although it is an old vehicle, I thought it looked sinister and made a good candidate to join Control Battalion on the gaming table.  This will serve as a command and control vehicle, assisting Control Battalion columns with their various community outreach tasks,such a mobile water-boarding of trouble makers, on-site lobotomies, and providing roach-food-pellets for the Control Things themselves.

This model is from Peter Pig's 1980s IDF line of 15mm figures

Once again it is great that Khurasan made tank commander figures for their Control Battalion line - really helps to "sell" the model. It already looks a little creepy, and popping a "Tankthing" only enhances that appearance.

Riflething assisting the Tankthing in keeping a lookout for trouble

I don't know how well this vehicle performed for the IDF, but they seemed to approve of the general concept of switching over old MBT chassis into IFVs - check out the Achzarit.

Peter Pig does a great job modelling stowage etc. on to these vehicles

I am still looking for the right kind of model to serve as the IFVs for my Control Battalion forces...stay tuned for further random entries on that!


Chris Stoesen said...

I have one of those models. Not using it for quite the same thing you are. Nicely executed though. Looks good.

Curt said...

Very nice work Greg!