Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Terrain Mini-Project - Pegasus Cactus Review

Getting slowly back into the swing of things after the big move... I pulled out a quick mini project that I figured I could knock out quickly - a box of Pegasus Models plastic cactus for 28mm Wild West and SF games, and maybe even 15mm SF in a pinch ;-)

The idea was to make medium-sized terrain bases scattered with cactus plants, to represent rough terrain or soft cover in skirmish games. First I assembled the cacti (still have some left on sprue actually) and glued them down to irregular bases I cut from plasticard. Then I slathered texture gel medium over the bases and let them dry. Primed black with Krylon spray, then painted the ground with medium brown craft paint, heavy drybrush of Zandri Dust, lighter drybrush of off-white craft paint for depth. Cacti were basecoated with GW Knarloc Green and highlighted with the same mixed 50/50 with Camo Green, then a final highlight of Camo Green. Static grass applied in two shades and the odd clump of grass tuft stuck on. Easy peasy!

Here's the completed lot of cacti. This is basically the contents of one box - there's a few bits left on the sprues but not much.

A pretty decent batch of terrain for not a ton of cash or effort. Well worth it in my view if you're into Wild West gaming at all.


el frances said...

Great scenic effect !

Greg B said...

Well done Dallas. Will look great on the table.

Lasgunpacker said...

Nice work, and should look good with chemical-commies or neo-soviets too.

Ian said...

These do look good


Phil said...

Beautiful pieces of terrain!

Chris Stoesen said...

Those look rather nice. Well done.