Monday, December 31, 2012

10th Hussars in Sudan - Perry Miniatures

British cavalry for the Sudan!
I have added some cavalry to my Madhist forces for colonial gaming, and it is only fair to add some cavalry to the British side as well.  These models are 28mm from the Perry's incredible Sudan collection, a command group for the 10th Hussars, and represent yet another submission to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

NCO from the 10th Hussars
This pack has a senior officer, an NCO and a musician.  In a very, very rare event for a Perry casting, there was actually a serious flaw on the musician model - a strap was missing from the front of the rider, but it was easily rectified by painting one in.

Senior officer from the 10th Hussars
Musician ready to rally the troops - the white strap on the front is painted on, and is actually missing from the model

The 10th came over to Sudan from India, and kept some elements of their uniform from Asia, including the spike on the helmet and the blue pants. The British cavalry did not have an easy time in the Sudan.  The conditions were obviously very inhospitable, and the Madhists had a tendency to hide amongst the rocks and shrubs of the broken terrain.  This terrain made massed cavalry maneuver very difficult, and made the cavalry vulnerable to ambush from the hidden Madhists, who would use wooden weapons to injure the legs of the horses and dismount the cavalry.  A cavalry charge against the Madhists was very dangerous - for the cavalry!
"Keep your eyes peeled lads!"
The British cavalry used improvised lances in the Sudan to try and get at the hidden Madhists - the rank and file cavalry I have for the 10th are armed with these - watch for them to appear as a future submission in the painting challenge.


Kobayachimaru said...

Gorgeous! Happy New Year!

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Beauties....all of 'em!

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Truly excellent painting and hopefully a Happy New Year mate.

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Fantastic paintjobs on them all. Happy New Year Sir!

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Thanks very much guys - happy new year to all of you as well! I hope 2013 sees your gaming tables creaking under the weight of lead (and plastic)!