Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Project - Rogue Trader Titan Crew

Rogue Trader Titan Crew from GW - Princeps and a pair of Moderati

Over the weekend, in addition to struggling with some rogue primer, I pulled out a couple of Rogue Trader models for something to work on while the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints tangled on Sunday Night Football.  And what a retro treat - a Titan Crew!  A Princeps (commander) and a pair of Moderati (titan drivers, gunners etc.).  And a bonus - they were already primed, so all I could put the primer rage out of my mind and just start painting.

The Moderati carrying carbine-style lasguns.
These figs were scored in an E-bay transaction a couple of years ago - NIB condition, complete with a plastic Imperial Guard arm sprue.  I cut the pockets off of the arms prior to mounting them (although thinking about it now, I should have kept them on for the Moderati - oh well). For weapons I used some spare carbine-style lasguns that were available on the GW tank accessory sprue - they seemed like the kind of thing the crew would have handy.

Rear view of the figures, showing all of the hook-ups etc on the Princeps - looks like you can't just hop in and out of the diver's seat on an Imperial Titan...
For the Pinceps' part, he got an "old" laspistol - he looked like the kind of fellow who probably would not carry anything much heavier than that.  As the commander of a Titan, he is used to levelling whole city blocks with the wave of a hand - I'm not sure how a dude like that contemplates infantry weapons of any sort...

Painting RT-era stuff is great fun for me, and these figures are no exception.  Although the plastic arms are a little rangy, the sculpts are neat.  All sorts of hoses etc. hanging off as they would literally plug into the Titans before heading into battle.  The sculpts are not too far away from the current versions of these models, available from Forge World.

"Where did we park again?"
Their appearances in games will probably be limited to use as objective markers - in the 40k fluff, Titan crews are treated with great reverance, and surely whole platoons of run-of-the-mill Imperial Guardsmen would be sent to save them.  In fact, that would make for an excellent scenario....

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Dallas said...

Love those - and great scenario idea. I wonder if, in the RT days, anybody ever used an Imperial AT-AT walker to represent a Titan...?