Friday, December 30, 2011

Was Santa Good to You?

Evil Robot Santa left me some nice loot this year which I want to share with you... let me rephrase that - I want to share pictures with you. I'm doing this to help ensure that I'll get the stuff painted and on the table in a timely way, and if I let all of you know I'm intending to do this, I reckon you will tease and mock me mercilessly until I do. So this should be a strong motivator.

Some fleet-scale Star Wars ships from Odyssey Slipways. This is really nice stuff and will make a good addition to my Imperial and Rebel fleets.

Now on to New Insane Project #1, Greg's 6mm Skirmish project. I got some GZG grav-tanks and light flyers, today I'll order some infantry from Brigade.

New Insane Project #2 - Old Crow "Hammer's Slammers" blower tanks in 28mm. There's a full platoon of tanks there, including the command blower. I see these guys as a "for hire" mercenary warband in our proprietary "FuturKom/Gunschwarm" universe. The tanks are BIG!

Stay tuned for future updates as they occur, and please post in the comments if you got something cool from Santa this year!


Dallas said...

Lasgunpacker, can you resubmit your comment? It got deleted by accident, sorry!!

Dallas said...

Here's what Lasgunpacker wrote:

"Looks like some great loot there! Man, I would go for any of those... and I have for the 1/10,000 and 6mm stuff.

Personnaly, I got Dreadfleet and the D&D rules Cyclopedia, which are both awesome and were surprising."

Thanks for the comment Lasgun!

Lasgunpacker said...

Sorry, was not around to resubmit, but looks like you got it covered.