Monday, June 28, 2010

Robotech pictures recovered!

At the beginning of the month we staged a Robotech game at Prairiecon 2010. I took a ton of pictures, and then could not find them. Definitely a sign that I suck. But I managed to find them after all - so I can dial back the I-suck-o-metre a little bit today.

Here are photos from the game, which featured a shoot-out at the abandoned RDF base on Mars. Models are approx 1/200 scale, mostly by Nichimo (or whoever actually owned those molds). The "PWNED" token is from Litko, and trust me - that VT fighter got PWNED big-time.

Thanks again to Dallas and Mike F for coming to play in this game and making it fun!


Dallas said...

Just took awhile for the transmission to get from Mars to Earth, I guess! That was a great game!

DaveV said...

Great looking game.