Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tornado Warning!

Something completely different done on a whim... it's back to Team Yankee and the Bundesluftwaffe. Long version: Conscript Greg was planning a visit to the Meeplemart and I noted that they had the "new" Team Yankee Tornado flight in plastic, in stock, for the very reasonable price of $35CAD (as opposed to the old resin aircraft that were an extortionate $53 for two). I thought I might ask Greg to get these for me, but I already have one painted Tornado... and there's no need to have three. However I'd had a Revell plastic Tornado kit on my eBay watchlist for some time and this was the prompt to finally buy it, for well under $20 shipped. 

So last week the kit arrived and was quickly assembled. I left off some of the bits specific to the "ECR" version and built it identical to its squadron mate already in my collection.

Painting was pretty simple - it's a three colour scheme - I just copied it from the plane I'd painted before. However I just tried to look up "Wings Palette" where I'd sourced the scheme in the first place... and nothing - the site seems to be defunct. Too bad as it was an amazing resource for aircraft color schemes :-(

Anyway the Luftwaffe Tornados are in a three-colour scheme - I painted this in black highlighted Dark Rubber; Castellan Green; and Castellan Green highlighted Death World Forest; the whole thing then washed with Nuln Oil. 

Here it is with its squadron-mate, not a bad match despite the fact I had failed to record the colours used on it. Happy to finish the second Tornado to join the first, and that'll complete the Bundeswehr's air support for Team Yankee.

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Greg B said...

Great job on this model Dallas.