Thursday, July 15, 2021

Star Wars Legion - “Somebody has to save our skins!”

Star Wars: Legion does not have official models for Leia, Luke, and Han as they appeared in the original 'Star Wars' movie (Episode IV: A New Hope).

These recently released figures are three of eight(!) different poses Felipe Manivel created for the trio in ANH (here, Leia in her iconic “cinnamon bun” hairdo and Luke and Han wearing stolen Stormtrooper armour). I love the anatomy and detailing. I purchased 3D prints from Order66 Miniatures and BigFatChefsCustoms, both on Etsy. 

I did my usual black priming with Chaos Black, and airbrushed zenithal highlights with Vallejo greys and whites. I laid in basic tones in acrylics, then used oils for blending, especially the flesh tones and various neutrals and greys for the robe and armour.

I have now painted up four different versions of Luke from the original trilogy.


Stan M. said...

Wow! Nice looking figures and great painting!

Simon Quinton said...

Gorgeous work!

Greg B said...

Great work Dave - excellent to see the collection growing. I am wondering how many versions of Luke you might end up with?

Dallas said...

Those look great Dave! And FYI the official name for Leia's hairstyle is "Star Puffs" :-)