Sunday, July 18, 2021

Contemptor Dreadnought for 30k Raven Guard

Contemptor Dreadnought for the XIX Legion - model from Forge World.

No surprise here with this posting - some more 30k work from the painting desk. This is a Contemptor Dreadnought, with bespoke features for the XIX Legion Astrates, the Raven Guard. This is a resin model from Forge World - a gift, in fact, given years ago! I am shamefully slow at painting figures and models I receive as gifts - I don't know why, but I am. I came across this model - assembled, primed, although damaged during the move - while rummaging around my 30k "pending pile" earlier this summer. Since it had been so long since receiving this gift, and since I had not added reinforcements to my small assortment of 30k Raven Guard since May of 2016 (five years ago!), I thought it was time to get it finished.

Raven imagery and inconography on the dreadnought frame.

Over the years Forge World has released bespoke Contemptor Dreadnought hulls for each of the Legions who participated in the Horus Heresy (these are hard to come by on their somewhat barren web site these days). The Raven-themed imagery can be seen on the torso, legs and shoulders - very nicely sculpted, lines up well with the look and feel of the XIX Legion. For weapons I picked a power fist/kheres-pattern combo - pretty common selection, but it is a good mix for the dreadnought to use on the battlefield.

The good ol' power fist, useful for smashing all sorts of things.

The non-carbon-neutral power system for the dreadnought frame.

In addition to the slow journey to the painting table, this model has another kind of entertaining quirk - if you look closely, you will see this fellow has two right hips! Not a big problem, given the modular nature of these Forge World Contemptor models. I tried to hide it by posing the model with some motion...not sure I was successful, but at least it looks a lot more lively than the wooden pose of the plastic Contemptor kit from the old "Betrayal at Calth" box set.

Ready to seek vengeance for the events of Istvaan V....

I'm sure my 30k Raven Guard figures, having languished for years without receiving any new kit, will be pleased to get some reinforcements. They might even dare to hope for more...we'll see where my brushes turn next this summer. Thanks for reading, and take care everyone! 


Neil Scott said...

Superb work

Dallas said...

Looks very nice dude!

MFraser said...

Looks great! I imagine there were many candidates for internment in this dreadnought after Istvaan!

DaveV said...

Imposing piece of kit! Great addition to your Raven Guard.