Monday, May 17, 2021

More AT18 Reinforcements - Nemesis Warbringer Titan

More reinforcements for Legio Gyphonicus - a Nemesis Warbringer Titan.

Another God Machine has stepped off the painting tables here in Northern Ontario, ready to do battle in the world of GW's Adeptus Titanicus. This is a "Nemesis Warbringer" class Titan, a multi-part plastic kit from GW. This is another Titan for Legio Gyphonicus, the "War Griffons", a loyalist Titan Legio that fought on the side of The Emperor during the wars of the Horus Heresy. I am continuing my efforts to even out the Rebel and Loyalist sides of my Adeptus Titanicus collection - this new Titan will balance off the Warbringer I painted for Legio Mortis last year.

The new Warbringer, together with the Reaver Titan from my previous submission.

This Titan class is slightly larger than the Reaver Titans, but still smaller than the Warlord Titans. It is  covered in heavy weaponry, of course! You can see all sorts of big guns all over this thing. The arm weapons are the same as those available to the Reaver Titans - with the important exception that it cannot mount the "close combat" chain/fist weapons. The carapace, on the other hand, mounts a weapon that is on par with the heavy weaponry of the Warlord Titans.

Now THAT is a big gun!

A lot going on up there on top of this Titan...

There are even some anti-aircraft batteries up there...just in case!

It is clearly weapon mount on the top of the Titan that "makes" the model. This is a "quake cannon" - no need to get into the specifics here, but you can tell that it is a really big gun, and be assured it has really satisfying big-gun-type effects in the game. There is an option to mount a volcano cannon as well - which is another scary sort of big gun - but this option does not come with the kit (this option is, in fact, shortly to be available from Forge World...will be interesting to see if they actually provide you with all of the parts you would truly need to make the weapon interchangeable, but anyway...).

You can just make out the crew access hatch in this view...

This is a beautiful model kit from GW, but the assembly for this requires, IMO, more caution in terms of hobby pace than the other large Titan models I have built to date. Many of the components/armour plates overlap, but do not cover completely, the various sections where they are mounted. I get obsessive about these situations, and end up wanting to be sure everything is painted, even if there is only a 0.000005% anyone will see one of these mostly-covered areas. So there is a lot of painting sub-assemblies with this beast.

So much great detail on the armour plates...really great job by GW on these kits.

Lots of overlapping plate armour on the legs and torso.

So putting one of these together and painting it is a bit of a slow process, at least for me - I paint a lot of the components (like the armour plates) separately from the base structure, and then assemble afterwards. That takes more time, and is more fiddly for sure. But it is worth it in the end - I really like the model, and I'm glad to have one of these available for my loyalist forces. I have nearly balanced/evened up my Legio Gryphonicus forces, and the paint brushes are continuing on AT18 topics, so I look forward to sharing more soon.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are all well out there.  

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MFraser said...

Because you couldn’t put that gun on wheels. Looks awesome! Well done!