Thursday, March 26, 2020

Star Wars: Legion - The Mighty Chewbacca


I painted the mighty Chewbacca for Star Wars Legion. The neat parts of this were researching and then rendering the various fur colours.




From various images I gathered, Chewie's fur definitely has a pattern, but the colours may vary depending upon the  source.

So, I settled on reddish-brown fur, with greyer patches, and lighter fur around his face.

I airbrushed Golden Titanium White zenithal highlights over GW Chaos Black primer. I used various acrylic washes for the fur: GW Reikland Fleshade for the reddish fur, Agrax Earthshade for the darker fur, and Seraphim Sepia over MSP Blond Shade and Blond on the face. I used some artists’ oils for blending and details on the rest of the figure.

It's a large, imposing figure, standing around 45mm tall. In-game, he synergizes very well with Han Solo and with Princess Leia. He's also pretty tough, shooting a big gun and basically ripping off arms in close combat. I look forward to playing with him in future games.


Neil Scott said...

Very nice

Dallas said...

Wow, great looking Chewie there Dave!

Greg B said...

Great job Dave, really nice.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Chewie is terrific!