Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Knights and Bits for Adeptus Titanicus

Some Knights and other bits from GW's new "Adeptus Titanicus" game.
A bit more stuff for "Adeptus Titanicus" from the painting table - here is a "Banner" of Knights, and an assortment of markers.  All of these are from the new GW box set. 

The Knights are very nice little models, very skillfully designed.  Six of them come in the "Adeptus Titanicus" box set, enough for two different "Banners".  There are three different weapon load outs, a variety which contradicts the baffling single weapon choice in the much larger Warlord kit but...anyway...there is a battle cannon, a thermal cannon, and an "Avenger" gatling cannon.  All of these would be familiar to fans of the many and varied Knight model kits available for the full-size 40k game. 

Knight sporting an "Avenger" cannon. 
Lots of detail on these cunning little plastic kits. 
I believe the Knights and their back story are popular and interesting to many 30k and 40k enthusiasts out there, but I am not a fan myself, even though I totally love the 30k and 40k setting overall. Every story and setting has parts we don't like, and for me, the so-called "Knight Households" are one of those things - barmy segments of an otherwise excellent setting.  I just love the Titan Legions, but cannot bring myself to give two sh*ts about Lord Horse Hopper and House Pillow a galaxy overrun with walking machines of nearly every possible size, the idea that one group or faction in the Imperium would limit itself to one type of walking-machine chassis is just...silly...and the faux-medieval stuff just makes it worse...

Knight with a nasty thermal cannon - a serious danger to a Titan...IF the Knight can get close enough...

More views of the insane detail GW managed on these plastic models.
Yet the Knights themselves have an important contribution to make to the "Adeptus Titanicus" game, whatever I think of their stupid back story. As recent comments on the blog noted, the Knights play an important part in forcing some maneuver on the part of the big, bad Titans.  The Knights can move quickly and flexibly, and get close enough to threaten even the large Warlord Titans.  So I should get these things painted up, so they can join our next game! And whatever I think of the back story, the models themselves are very, very cool!

Knight armed with the "classic" battle cannon. 
Since I don't care about the "Knight Households", I just made up a colour scheme - used the same palette as my Alpha Legion 30k forces.  I also made liberal use of the decal sheets that come in the game. I should note here the decals are GREAT and I do wish GW would be more organized and thorough with decals generally - the decals sheets for Adeptus Titanicus show what GW can do well. 

Looks menacing - when there are no Titans around...
You will spot the "Eye of Horus" symbols on the shoulders of these machines, so I expect they will fight on the Warmaster's side (sensible people, obviously) - although with Alpha Legion colours inspiring them, who knows that they might do?

The other bits here are markers that come with the game.  The Titan symbol is used to mark the "First Player" - you don't, strictly speaking, need it to play (as long as you can remember who the "First Player" is) and you don't need to paint it, but I thought it would look sharp with a quick coat of paint.  The crashed Warlord head is another marker, used in a specific scenario as a location for lost Titan crew members who need to be recovered. 

"First Player" marker on the left, stranded Titan crew marker on the right. 
The other bunker-looking markers are meant to represent "stratagems" in the game - different advantages or bonuses which can be conferred on one side to balance our a game.  I love their use as actual terrain bits as well - they will be fine objectives not just in games of "Adeptus Titanicus", but in games of "Epic 30k" as well. 

Command and comms stratagem markers. 

Plasma reactor and void shield generator stratagem markers. 
There is a communications relay, a command bunker, a void shield generator, a plasma reactor, a missile launcher and a macro-cannon.  All very useful bits, very well done, quick to build and to paint up.

Missiles and a big cannons - some emplaced defences Princeps will need to take heed of!
This leaves one more "Banner" of Knights and a whole pile of buildings to be painted from the box...we'll see what hits the painting table next. 

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joe5mc said...

Nice paint jobs!

Curt said...

Great work Dude! Being a huge fan of the 30/40K setting, I think I have a fairly high suspension of disbelief to common sense and incredulity, but the whole feudal space-knights in space was an indulgence too far for me. Completely stooopid. I conveniently ignore this whole element of the backstory and just count the machines as an integral part of the Mechanicus Taghmata. I figure that if the machines are so sh*t-hot why would the Mechanicum entrust them to a bunch of undisciplined, in-bred backwater hillbillies?

john de terre neuve said...

Nice Greg, the Knights are sort of cool.

tim said...

These look great!

Simon Quinton said...

Cracking work they look great!