Sunday, November 8, 2015

28mm Plancenoit Church from Sarissa Precision

Let's face it: laser-cut MDF terrain is the wave of the future. It's lightweight, (relatively) inexpensive and the detail on a nice kit will knock your puttees off.

This is Sarissa Precision's "Plancenoit Church" in 28mm scale. I asked for this kit for my birthday and my good wife came through for me as she always does. She got it from Warlord Games, which happened to be running a sale at the time (sneaky planning by birthday boy) and along with it came a 28mm "Steiner" figure for a future running of our "The Eagle Has Landed" skirmish game.
The church itself is a lovely model, and easy to assemble - I think it took less than an hour. The laser cuts on the window mullions are particularly impressive.

I undercoated the model with the usual Krylon flat-black spray and painted it with acrylics.

I followed that with a wash of good old Agrax Earthshade, a bit of drybrushing, and some random grey drybrushed blotches on the walls.

This model is clearly designed for gaming - roof pieces all come off to allow placement of figures inside.

You can even place a machine-gunner or sniper in the bell tower. Try that with your solid resin model ;-)
Here's a picture with some filthy Huns, just for scale. The infantry models are from Foundry's Great War range.

The church will do very well for a variety of different games - that's why I picked this one in particular. I can see using it for everything from Napoleonic games to WW1 and WW2 games as well. It's available from Sarissa Precision for 35 English Pounds. Alternatively you can get it from Warlord Games, like I did, also for 35 quid. Recommended!


Bartek Zynda said...

Church looks very good. Have a very nice details and gives a lot of opportunities to place figures within it. I think, that material together with plastic completely replace resin buildings.
Well done sir!

Greg B said...

Great work on this Dallas. Will look great on the table.

Phil said...

Very nice, great looking church!

Ray Rousell said...

That's a lovely looking building.