Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mechani-Kon 6: Army Showcase

Last month Alex and Thurston organized their sixth and final Mechani-Kon Warhammer 40k tournament. I was able to attend, and had a great time fielding a kinda retro version of my Eldar Swordwind. The TO's are not big fans of the current (7th ed.) iteration of 40k. For the event, there was no "comp" score per se. The TO's limited attendees to a single force org, so there were no allies allowed (and thus no dreaded "Tau-dar or other such ploys). The tournament was sold out, with people bringing out a lot of well-painted, themed armies.

Here follows the pictures that I was able to take of various armies. I shall post a brief batrep of my games in due course.


Conscript Byron deservedly won the award for Best Appearance with his Chaos army (note that the roads and signs are laser cut wood from Byron's company, SG2 Creations):

Camera Roll-1414

Camera Roll-1415

Lovely converted Helldrake flyer.

Camera Roll-1416

Camera Roll-1417

Camera Roll-1418

Camera Roll-1419


WesS won Best Overall while fielding a beautifully painted Dark Angels force:

Camera Roll-1424

Camera Roll-1425

Camera Roll-1426

Camera Roll-1427


SteveB's beautiful Chaos army.

Camera Roll-1432

Camera Roll-1433

Camera Roll-1434

Camera Roll-1435


CodyB's cool Tau:

Camera Roll-1399

Camera Roll-1400

Camera Roll-1401


More armies:

Camera Roll-1393

Camera Roll-1394

Camera Roll-1395

Camera Roll-1396

Camera Roll-1397

Camera Roll-1398

Camera Roll-1402

Camera Roll-1403

Camera Roll-1404

Camera Roll-1405

Camera Roll-1406

Camera Roll-1407

Camera Roll-1408

Camera Roll-1409

Camera Roll-1410

Camera Roll-1411

Camera Roll-1412

Camera Roll-1413

Camera Roll-1420

Camera Roll-1421

Camera Roll-1422

Camera Roll-1423

Camera Roll-1428

Camera Roll-1429

Camera Roll-1430

Camera Roll-1431

Camera Roll-1442

Asurmen's Academy

But for the Nightwing Interceptor aircraft, the Eldar force I brought was something I would have fielded in the early 2000's: Asurmen leading several squads of Aspect Warriors, supported by a Night Spinner artillery tank. At the time of the tournament, several of my units had not seen play for years, due to the vagaries of changes in the basic rules, and an aging codex. For example, I had not played with my Howling Banshees since maybe 2009.

Camera Roll-1436

Howling Banshees led by an Exarch. They were rock stars during the tournament, accompanying Asurmen as his bodyguards. With the recent release of the 7th Edition Codex Craftworlds, the Banshees don't even suck any more.

Camera Roll-1437

Asurmen, the Hand of Asuryen. This Phoenix Lord tanked shot after shot during the day, and got stuck into  close combat every game. The artillery tank also was a thorn in my opponents' sides, dropping clouds of mono-filament webs from across the table.

Camera Roll-1438

With Codex Craftworlds I shall be going back to fielding large (8-10 strong) Dire Avenger and Fire Dragon squads.

Camera Roll-1439

My Warp Spiders, painted by Conscript Brian. Always a part of my forces, they are now (in Codex Craftworlds) one of the best Eldar units.

Camera Roll-1440

The Nightwing, a Forge World resin model. During the tournament, half the time it was shut down by enemy anti-aircraft weapons, the other half  of the time it blew up stuff real good.

Camera Roll-1441

As for my placement in the standings, I won the highly coveted "First Loser" award! (Because winning second place overall with no other award is truly to be the first loser!)

This reminds me of my Astronom-con experiences, where I have placed 2nd overall 4 or 5 times...

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