Friday, May 1, 2015

IX Legion Landspeeder

Cracking on with IX Legion projects for the big summer game... here we have an old OOP metal Landspeeder given the Blood Drinkers treatment.

It was enjoyable to paint a vehicle, just for a change from the infantry models. But the technique was pretty much the same. Base Khorne Red, gradually build up highlights with Evil Sunz Red mix (OK, this is different - I'm using ESR because I've run out of the old pot of Blood Red), wash with Nuln Oil, highlight back up with ESR, apply decals, sponge chip and weather to taste. Done.

I decided to go with the Multi-Melta/Heavy Bolter combo for tactical flexibility ;-)

Some IX Legion and Blood Drinkers markings in addition to the tactical number "4".

The old model is all metal, weighs a ton, and looks like it means business. Looking forward to having this zoom around the table in our next Heresy game. Still waiting on the Chapterhouse conversion kits for the Land Raider and Rhinos, but the Spartan should be up next anyway. From what I've read, that'll be a challenge.


Baconfat said...

That is a great model, you do wear and tear painting terrifically.

Greg B said...

Fantastic job Dallas - I love the classic lines and look of that older model, and the paint job is top-notch.