Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - First Blood!

Last weekend fellow Conscripts Byron, Kevin and I played another game of table top Sedition Wars. This was also the first time I got to play with my painted Vanguard. I have not finished my Strain, so Byron provided his for our use.

The table was set up by Byron, who used a table topper sheet from Relic Knights, and buildings from Micro Art Studio.

We played a variation of the first "Outbreak Campaign" scenario - Breach. In the first photo below, we illustrate the starting positions of forces, corpses, and objectives. Anything seen on a building roof is actually located INSIDE the building on the first floor (this photo was taken after the game was over, when we re-set everything). The buildings had removable stories and roofs, so we could fight inside them, too. The posters and such seen on the buildings Byron downloaded from the internet.

2014-06-28 17.56.34

Vanguard Objective: Secure and activate the Life-Support Terminal located in the three story building located in the northwest corner of the table.

Strain Objective: Convert all the corpse counters into Strain Revenants.

Changes from the basic game: Ranges were doubled out to 8 /16 /24 inches from 4/8/12 inches. We ruled it cost 3 inches move to go up or down one story. The first stage necroforms were made cheaper, down to 1.5 points each, instead of 3.

IIRC, Kevin and I ran the Vanguard, starting with 6 basic Samaritans, and Byron ran the Strain, fielding 10 Revenants, 2 Stalkers, and a Quasimodo.

2014-06-28 17.14.08

The unfortunate Vanguard Samaritans below have both been hit by acid, and the farther one infected by clouds of nano virus. They were both gone by the next turn.

2014-06-28 17.19.45

Though impaled by a Stalker, the Samaritan in the photo below shot him down, then her Prophet armoured suit managed to seal the bleeding and kept her in the fight.

2014-06-28 17.24.46

During the course of the game, the Vanguard gunned down around 17 Strain models (good thing they could create more, both from activated corpses, and a Necrocyst in the northeast bulding), for the loss of 4 troopers. It was a very tactical game, with cool cinematic events like a Samaritan drawing the fire of a Qusimodo on a balcony, her sacrifice allowing another Samaritan to rush into the building with the objective.

In the photo below, that Samaritan reached the Life-Support Terminal, but couldn't activate it before the Strain converted the final corpse into a Revenant.

2014-06-28 17.44.58

As Byron posted on Facebook later,
"It was an awesome, tense game. I am constantly amazed at how every game we ever play of Sedition Wars comes down to a last turn win for either side. This game was a Strain win, but if I hadn't won that turn the next turn the Vanguard would have won."

I am busy working on both my Strain and lots of terrain for my own table. Lots of MDF buildings and cargo containers, Quonset huts, resin vehicles, and a mag-lev train will provide plenty of scope for future SW scenarios.

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Greg B said...

Great looking game Dave - and your stuff looks excellent out on the table!