Friday, March 15, 2013

General Graham - 28mm Colonial Sudan

General Graham by Perry Miniatures
The entries for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge continue.  This is a very short/small entry - a figure representing General Gerald Graham, commander of the British forces out of the Red Sea port of Suakin.

Winner of a VC in the Crimean War and a senior commander during the British intervention in Egypt, Graham commanded the Suakin Field Force.  He led the British into battle at El Teb, and through the close call at Tamai.  After Khartoum fell he once again went to battle with the Madhists at Hashin and Tofrik.

The majority of my Sudan painting and game has been set around Suakin, so I figured General Graham was the right officer to start with, serving as a commander for games of Black Powder.

Ideal figure for Commander in Chief in Black Powder colonial games
I was a little concerned with my paint job on this figure.  I was thought he looked a little more like the Man In The Yellow Hat than a hard working VC recipient. A quick Devlan Mud wash took care of it a bit...but still...

The Perry range is very comprehensive, and they have figures for Wolseley and Stewart as well - I hope to get to them soon, perhaps even before the painting challenge wraps up.

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Simon Q said...

Lovely paintjob he looks marvellous.