Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Caught Up - 15mm WW2 Germans

More troops for the Painting Challenge
I am absolutely getting trampled in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  I think I am in 15th place or so? But for a brief shining moment (and I emphasize brief) I made it as high as fifth place!  Finishing a bunch of 15mm WW2 stuff helped that brief rally out.  These were painted weeks ago and already posted on Curt's blog, but here are some pics.

Peter Pig castings in the forground
Lots of fun to paint Peter Pig WW2
This post includes two platoons of 15mm WW2 German infantry and a platoon of mortars.  The infantry include both Peter Pig and Plastic Soldier Company figures, while the mortars are from Battlefront.

Peter Pig platoon pack comes with NCOs galore and a 'schreck team

Have to say Peter Pig WW2 are the class of the 15mm figures out there
This was my first time painting WW2 Germans from Peter Pig, and once again I am impressed with the quality of the sculpts.  They are nice, clean and have lots of good detail that is easy to paint even on a 15mm figure. The platoon pack gives you a good mix of bits, including a number of MG teams, command models, NCOs and a Panzerschreck team. 

15mm WW2 German infantry from PSC
This is Peter Pig's mid-to-late war package, so you also get a good mix of guys with Panzerfausts. 

Much softer detail on PSC figures
Check out the weird pose of the grenade-tosser...a bit off
The Plastic Soldier Company models were not even close to the same league.  I am a big fan of the PSC vehicles and I want to encourage their competition in the 15mm product space, but these plastic 15mm infantry are not great, in my opinion.

My first - and last - PSC 15mm infantry
The detail on these figures is very, very soft and little of it survives the first coat of paint.  I was guessing a lot when painting these.  The poses are also odd - very stiff, not lively at all, and a couple seem to be emulating yoga poses.

15mm mortar platoon from Battlefront
81mm mortars - useful for fending off Soviet hordes
These models are so slight they are just short of being flats in my opinion.  I wil continue to recommend the PSC products for vehicles, but will avoid their 15mm infantry.

The mortars from Battlefront are pretty straightforward.  They are nice, relatively clean sculpts.  Yes, the faces are quirky, almost funny looking but there is something fun about the Battlefront infantry models that keeps me coming back.  They are certainly nice (but also much more expensive) than the Plastic Soldier Company stuff. I still think Peter Pig are the nicest of the bunch.

Up next will be some other long-overdue posts on Challenge paint jobs, and a couple more AARs from my recent visit to Regina!


Allison M. said...

Battlefront may be pricier, but their infantry are pretty GOOD. Guaranteed to be a lot higher quality than those PSC ones appear. But I have also heard good things about other companies that aren't "the GW of 15mm WW2" ;)

I think your army needs more zombies, btw. Maybe just a few, on leashes with a handler?

Allison M. said...

Oh, I should add, your paint jobs are really nice, especially considering how many of them you had to do. GJ!

Simon Quinton said...

Superb looking force great job!

Grumpy said...

Fabulous painting on all of these regardless of the manufacturer. Great body of work!