Sunday, November 4, 2012

"...and why not??"

Like many gamers, I'm a big Futurama fan... so when I saw these "limited edition" 28mm models of "Doc Lobster" and "Folding Robot" from Armorcast I had to put in an order! After receiving them late last week I painted them tonight.

"Bender B. Rodriguez" was first up... a very cool little model if a bit fiddly to assemble - it came in six pieces - head, arms, legs and torso. Painted up quick quickly with a couple layers of GW metallics and washes.

"Dr. John A. Zoidberg" was next. This model is one piece and also painted quite quickly.

Some nice detail on Zoidberg, dig those googly eyes!

"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

I imagine these models will come in quite handy as objectives in our Spacekrieg sci-fi games. A bit pricy at $6 each, but well worth the money if you're a Futurama geek. Recommended!


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent figures Dallas!!!

The Angry Lurker said...

As you said why not?, good bloody work sir.

Vladdd309 said...

Awesome! Hope they have a Zapp "i wax my rocket every day" Brannigan and a Professor " good news everyone" Farnsworth!

Greg B said...

Great stuff Dallas!

I personally would love to see the Robot, I mean, the "28mm automated racketeers"...clamp em'!