Saturday, November 3, 2012

Peanut Allergy - RT Dreadnoughts!

This week I finished off the Rogue Trader-era dreadnoughts for my Howling Griffons force. They had come as a lot from an eBay seller in the UK, and I got a pretty good deal on two of 'em as the models were missing one left arm/weapon. This didn't pose a problem in my mind as I'd intended to use modern weapons on the models anyway.

Here's one with the "two Dreadnought close-combat weapons" combo.

 CCW and lascannon.

 Different view of the same model.

 CCW and multi-melta.

 Another view.

 Rear view of #3.

 CCW and "old school" missile launcher.

A very versatile chassis, eh? Decals were pinched from the Syrian MiG kit I just built for Greg's Golan Heights project.

Here's the variety of weapons I can deploy. All are magnetized and easily swappable, and each weapon fits on any of the three Dreads.

Looking forward to rolling these guys out; I think we will need to play an Apocalypse-style game... the Howling Griffons must be nearing 2,500 points now.


The Angry Lurker said...

I remember having this beautiful model, great work.

Unknown said...

Great piece of kit you have there sir!

Curt said...

Very nice work on that trio, Dallas. The magnetized weapon option is definitely the way to go. Well done!

Greg B said...

Great stuff Dallas. Would recommend a nice Rogue Trader game instead of an Apocalypse yawner...

Lasgunpacker said...

Very nice looking. The multi-melta is particularly fitting.