Friday, September 30, 2011

Dystopian Wars - Prussian Fleet

First, my apologies for cross-posting, but as I promised to keep you all updated on my 'Dystopian Wars' project (whether you like it or not) I trust I can be forgiven.

I decided to paint up my Prussians in the spirit of early war Luftwaffe colours. I've always liked the high contrast of the grey/green against the yellow and thought the scheme would transfer well to the quasi sci-fi theme of the Dystopian Wars' models.

On many of the castings you'll see these coil-type structures amidships and/or at the stern. These are tesla weapons that are used both against ship systems and can also cause hits on ship's crews. In the game the Prussian ships are very fast and carry extra boarding parties - these bonuses, combined with the tesla weapons, tend to make them very dangerous customers when they get close-in.

Three of the ten Frigates from the boxed set.
The silhouette of the Prussian ships are very long, angular and swept back.  In terms of aesthetic design I think they are probably the most 'modern' of the Dystopian fleets.

The Cruisers
You can see the Tesla coils at the aft of the Cruisers
A Prussian Battleship.
Again, Tesla coils along the Battleship's amidships.
A pair of Heavy Bombers. I like how ungainly they look.
 Two groups of Fighters with slightly different markings to help differentiate squadrons.
Next will be the American Fleet. I'm thinking that in Curt's dystopian version of the 1870's the Confederates triumphed in the Civil War (which just seems natural) so I'll paint their fleet accordingly...

Here you can see the  Battleship sporting a couple 'plug-in' generators.


Jay said...

Very nice paint scheme for your naval force. The detail is great. Keep up the good work!

Curt said...

Thanks Jay, much appreciated.