Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Dystopian Wars' Japanese Bombers and Fighters

Another quick update on the progress of my 'Dystopian Wars' project. Here are a few shots of a couple 'Empire of the Blazing Sun' bombers and some fighters. The game stats for the bombers are pretty mental as on top of the loads of bombs, missiles and gun turrets, each of these bad boys also carry a contingent of jet-pack samurai for boarding actions. We just had a game where this pair rolled-in over a Brit carrier, bombed the hell out of it and then launched several 'sticks' of Kurosawa/Rocket-Robin-Hood-inspired boarders that had to survive the carrier's ack ack in order to land on the ship and conduct their raid. It was pretty insane but loads of laughs.

Like my 'Wings of War' stuff, I decided to build magnetic gimbal ball mounts for the bombers to allow more dynamic posing of the models while they are on their flight stands.

Below is an example of the fighter stands - not surprisingly called 'Tiny Fliers' in the game. These come as one-piece resin 'tokens' which are really easy to paint-up.

As promised before I do have a bunch of stuff from the British fleet done-up so I'll try to post another update on those in the next little while.


tim said...

Neat stuff, Curt!

Kevin H said...

Great work, as usual, Curt.

Any chance you might do a "How To" article for magnetic gimbal mounts...? They look very spiffy!

Curt said...

Thanks guys!

@Kevin: Sure, I'll try to remember to poach the short post I did when I built-up the mounts on my Wings of War stuff.