Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PrairieCon is this weekend!

PrairieCon XXXII runs this weekend (3-5 June) in my home town of Brandon, Manitoba.  Both Conscript Greg and I are running miniatures games on Saturday.  Greg is reprising his excellent Robotech game and I am engaging in further amortization of the Stalingrad terrain.

We hope to see you at PrairieCon - in the meantime here are pics and battle reports from some games we've run there in the past.

Greg's Robotech Game

Playtest of my Star Wars space battle game

"Escape from Mos Eisley"

Zombie Game from 2008

PrairieCon website


Dusty said...

Alas, my folks are coming to town tomorrow and the band has a gig on Saturday. :) Well, maybe next year.

Curt said...

Have a great time guys! Take lots of pics of your games and give us a good posting when you get back.