Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rogue Trader Project Update

Finished a bunch of metal Rogue Trader Space Marines this weekend in preparation for the big Space Orks vs. Marines smackdown. These are Marines of the 5th Company of the Howling Griffons Chapter, I opted to paint their power armour in the "Sigmar VI Insurgency Pattern" as shown in the Warhammer 40K Compendium.

Not "Golden Demon" work by any means but (a) I think it evokes the original RT era 'Eavy Metal style and (b) they are done and I can use them on the tabletop. The Griffon insignia are transfers from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop.

The unit includes some of the superb vintage "Rhino Crew" models as well and I've painted them, although their "ride" is still in primer. Look for a post on painting the Rhino in the near future.

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Greg B said...

That is awesome! I love the camo pattern on them.