Friday, December 11, 2009

After Action Report: Future Gordon Brown Celebrates Bloated Victory

Taking a break from my recent horse & musket focus, last night we played a game of Future War at my place. Mike F rolled out with his FutureBritz, including some newly converted and painted AT-43 suits. I deployed Gün Schwarm, with the new "Space Hetzer", and the 40k Valkyrie as part of the lineup. Brian and Cam came out too. Brian joined me on the Gün side, and Cam and Mike rolled with the Britz (New Labour - there's an app for that).

We set up on a 6'x4' table and fought over a village. No big reason was given - perhaps it was emitting too much carbon? We'll never know, in particular because of Mike's Future Churchill...

Suffice to say, it was a brutal outing for Gün Schwarm. We got a few kicks in, slaughtering some infantry, but the Britz knocked our vehicles to pieces in the space of four turns, and we did a terrible job of replying. The Valkyrie killed a few Brit infantry, and deployed a squad on to one of the objectives on the table, but a pair of "pie-plate" blasts from Mike's Space Churchill eliminated that threat.

It was a decisive win for the Britz. Even the Schwarmbot got smacked around! The Gün Schwarm Ministry of Information will have its work cut out when it comes to spinning this disaster.

Here are some pics from the game:

Mike F's brits looked awesome. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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