Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gotta Love Monday Night Football

I have to say, Monday Night Football is a great way to get some painting done. Especially when it is an NFC West game featuring the Cardinals (who are really not a good team, no matter how hard the pundits try to spin it) and the 49ers (who got so used to being a good team way back, they have completely forgotten how to bee a good team since, and now suck).

The game provided a great chance to finish a couple of figs. Up first, a new officer for Gün Schwarm, who clearly need improved battlefield direction following last week's debacle.

I also finished a second unit of Seven Years War 6mm Austrians, and a command base. The figs are from Adler and are based for "Might & Reason".

I'm about half-way through the infantry pile that came with the "Leuthen Battlepac".

Assuming I actually get any Christmas holidays, I hope to finish more by the new year, and also start on some of the cavalry. I just waiting on an Osprey book before I get started on that...

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