Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greg's weekend visit to the GW store

For some reason, despite the ample recent exposure to the current excremental state of the 40k rules, I thought I would visit the GW store to pick up a copy of the new Imperial Guard codex. Like many poor decisions, it seemed like a good idea at the time, as we were in the neighbourhood running a few errands at St. Vital Centre. How bad could this be?

Artist rendering of GW drone in action...."Be sure to come back on Wednesday!"

Drone: “What are you looking for?”
GB: “Do you have the new Guard codex?”
Drone: “Yes!”
GB: “Where is it?”
Drone: “Well, unfortunately we’re sold out.”
GB: “So, you actually don’t have it then.”
Drone: “We have a store copy that you can read!”
GB: “…………………….”
Drone: “We should have some more soon, check on Wednesday.”
GB – sound of leaving, car starting…

As Dallas told me, I should have pre-ordered! When will I learn....


Dallas said...

"Oh my!"

Dusty said...

I got my copy :) It seems the regimental distinctions (Cadian, Catachan, Vostroyan, etc) have gone out the window and what figures you use is just a matter of personal preference.

DaveV said...

I hope you get a copy of the 'dex soon. Among the Fawcett Avenue crew, you've been the staunchest supporter of the Guard for years.

As for myself, I'm waiting until I get some Crimson Fist marines finished. Call it a carrot.

Greg B said...

Dave - any pics of the completed Fists? I'm sure we'll be watching for those to teleport soon to a critically vital area on a 40k table soon...