Friday, April 24, 2009

GünSchwarm continues expansion

GünSchwarm continues to plot a miraculous counter-attack out of New New Berlin. However, more troops, and tanks, are needed for that miracle. So with that in mind, inspired by a notion from Dallas, I have slapped some bits on a 1/32 scale Hetzer model to create some kind of Space Hetzer - with the obligatory absurd weapon (intended to be the same "calibre" as that of the Space Panthers). Since the Hetzer was so small, the off-scale version of it fits in well with the 28mm GW figures in GünSchwarm.

The Schwarm is also looking for some improved infantry. I have a Cadian "Grenadier" force for 40k, with lots of the Kasrkin troopers, so I am painting up some extras in the GünSchwarm colour scheme, to serve as elite GünSchwarm infantry, with some slight armour protection, and slightly better standard infantry weapons. The first few examples are (slightly blurry) above. Plus, they give you some idea of the size of the Space Hetzer model. Stay tuned for photos once this sucker is painted up.

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