Tuesday, April 23, 2024

30k Thousand Sons Librarian Consul

Thousand Sons Librarian Consul for GW's Horus Heresy setting.

So there has been a little pause in the blog-posting, but the brushes are still moving, and the theme and setting will be familiar - more 30k! Here we have a "Librarian Consul", and you can see by the very busy and ornate armour set, this chap was designated to serve in one particular Legion Astartes, and that would be the 15th Legion, the Thousand Sons, reputed for their mastery of/abuse of warp powers, lore, magic, general knowledge and other dangerous things! This is a 28mm resin figure from GW/Forge World.

"You can't escape! I have a fancy cloak!"

This is a lovely sculpt, replete with the features Space Marine players have come to expect on their Librarians (scrolls! a staff! a big, fancy cloak!) and on the Heresy-era Thousand Sons generally (faux-Egyptian symbols and arcane-adjacent accents!). The figure is busy with all of these details, but still manages to stand distinct from the Egyptian-beyond-space-parody look of the Thousand Sons of GW's later 40k setting. Not an easy balance to strike, and I tip my hat to the sculptor for that.

"I have a staff too! A staff! And scrolls!!"

I also love the "vowing-revenge-adjacent" pose of the figure. In the Horus Heresy stories the Thousand Sons do see themselves as betrayed, after all, so this pose really works well.  

"Sure, the warp might be dangerous - but it keeps my cloak nice and clean!"

My collection of HH-era Thousand Sons began with the very excellent box game "The Burning of Prospero". It has expanded since then, but apart from one exception, all of the reinforcements have been infantry elements - and the exception is still a thing that walks. In many ways, the strength of the Thousand Sons comes from the Marines themselves and their access to spooky arcane powers, but they will need vehicles to make a proper showing on the tabletop. I would like to paint up some vehicles and other accent elements to build this into a useful/viable force for an Age of Darkness game sometime. But those ambitions will have to wait until I can figure out a way to safely spray primer on to vehicle models at my new home location...so the Sons of Prospero on my shelf will have to content themselves with this lone reinforcement for now. At least he has a very tall helmet...right...?

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Dallas said...

Nice work dude! I like the texture on the cloak!