Sunday, April 1, 2018

AdMech Update - Skitarii Vanguard

I've been cracking away at the AdMech lately as I wanted to finish off the rehab of the last lot of models I got off kijiji. The latest ones to be completed are a squad of (eleven) Skitarii Vanguard. Why eleven? Well, there happened to be a squad of ten plus one extra special weapon trooper. So I figured I might as well paint him at the same time as the rest.
Here's the Alpha wielding an arc maul and arc pistol. "Phi" insignia added for his squad ID.
The rest of the boys (?). Painted in the normal style for my AdMech - cloaks Mephiston Red, Nuln Oil'd, then MR again highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet, insides of cloak Rakarth Flesh highlighted Ushabti Bone; bodyglove black highlighted with Mechanicus Standard Grey; metal bits Leadbelcher; brass bits Brass Scorpion highlighted Balthasar Gold; lenses and power bits Temple Guard Blue. 

The lads (??) carry spooky "radium carbines" that are not, shall we say, "Earth-friendly." The thing I find neat about the Vanguard is their utter disregard for Health and Safety standards. They don't really care that their weaponry is nearly as dangerous to them as it is to their enemies; I guess they just reckon that if something falls off them they can always get a mechanical replacement. Closer to the Crux Mechanicus, and all that.

Assistant squad leader carries the cool-looking "Omnispex". "Hey five-eyes!!"

Here's the whole lot so far - two Onagers, Sydonian Dragoon, Kastelan Maniple and datasmith, Ruststalkers, Infiltrators, Rangers and Vanguard, led by the Tech-Priest Dominus.


MFraser said...

The army looks great. Miniature rehab is unique in that it is probably the only enjoyable form of rehab.

tim said...

These look pretty fab!

Greg B said...

Fantastic work Dallas - won't be long until we have these chaps out for a spin on the table, will it?