Sunday, December 24, 2017

Second Painting Challenge Submission - More Franco-Prussian War Troops in 28mm

28mm Franco-Prussian war castings from "Eagles of Empire"
More fun painting from the lake for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge! Similar to my first submission, these are "28mm" castings (really closer to 30mm) from Eagles of Empire.  There are six French infantrymen and four Prussian infantrymen, all from the Franco-Prussian War, or the War of 1870.  These will be used for skirmish gaming for the Franco-Prussian War.

French Imperial infantry ready to engage the Prussians - bugler is on the left
The French bugler is mounted on a square base, to help him stand apart as an NCO/leader/character or some sort when the time comes for a game.

As before, I absolutely love the French uniforms from this period! Red pantalons FTW!

Always love how the French infantry are carrying a full load of cooking kit on their backs :)
The Prussian uniform in this era is not quite so dramatic as the Imperial French uniforms, although those silly Prussian spiked helmets do stand out a fair bit! One thing about the Prussians is that they wear their longer rain coats tied around their bodies, and that tends to obscure a lot of the detail on the figure, but it does make things a little easier in terms of painting.

Spiked helmets for the glory of Prussia!
One of the Prussian figures has an eerie finish to it - that's because I thought I would try a paint-on matte finish product.  As you can see from the gross, glowing finish, it's not even close to matte, and will be the last f*cking time I try that sh*t product again.  I can't spray out the lake, so I thought a paint-on product would luck...I'll try and save that casting when I get back home to Winnipeg after Christmas.
The rolled coats obscure a lot of the detail on the Prussian infantry, but this was a common style for Prussian troops in 1870, particularly in the summer

French infantry painted in the Challenge so far...
There are 10 different 28mm castings in this submission, which added another 50 points toward my 1000 point goal. A pretty good start to this edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!  And I'm already looking forward to a Franco-Prussian War skirmish game with the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts some time in the new year!

Merry Christmas everyone!


MFraser said...

They look great! Out of curiosity, what varnish did you use? I’ve been using Vallejo matte on my Imperial Fists. Got fed up with testors dull coat leaving a satin to semi-gloss finish.

Pete. said...

Nice work- I've a soft spot for the FPW.



Phil said...

Great looking FPW's minis, well done!

Greg B said...

Thanks guys.
Mike - the "matte" varnish was made by Liquitex - it's crap...