Monday, March 20, 2017

Painting Challenge Submission 18 - More Epic 30k Stuff

In the grim darkness of the far future, we've got any size of equipment you might need for your war...
Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has concluded, so I have only a few more things to share here on the Fawcett Avenue Blog. In the final hours of the Challenge, I really wanted to focus my painting efforts, something I'm terrible at, but there were some external drivers helping me along.  One is that our group is hosted an Epic 30k demonstration game at a local hobby event here on the weekend, so it was a good time to get some stuff done for use on the table.  A further motivator along that line of thinking was JamieM once again tossing last minute sandbags in our 30k painting duel!

So with that motivation, I decided to continue on the painting path from the previous week - more Epic 30k stuff!  This week my submission covers almost every size available to that "scale" of game, running the gamut from foot sloggers to another pair of towering Titans!

Alpha Legion tactical marines - while my 6mm freehand is not quite as sharp as Byron's, I managed to get some markings on to most of the shoulders and vehicles!
We'll start with the smallest ones first - this is a Space Marine tactical detachment from the Alpha Legion.  During this edition of the Challenge I started painting a new force of Alpha Legion troops for my 28mm-sized forces, and I have enjoyed the colours and the backstory of that particular Legion so much I thought it would be great to have them for Epic as well.

Command troopers in the (blurry) front

Alpha Legion motor pool - a pair of Rhino APCs, each capable of carrying two stands of infantry
Two more APCs, along with a command variant in the left of the photo
 The tactical detachment is the basic building block for any Epic Space Marine force, so I thought it would be a good element to paint first.  There are 40 little marines here, as well as transport for them - four Rhino APCs.  There is also a command-variant Rhino to provide some command & control assistance and serve as a ride for the command figures which I hope to paint further down the road.

Moving up in the size department we have a group of four Knights.  The 30k/40k setting does not lack for large walking things with guns, and the Knights have their place on the spectrum of those vehicles.  As you can see, they loom over the infantry, but pale in size compared to the Titans, so they are on the smaller-end of the walking-terror-scale of the dark future.

Four Knights - walkers with a nice assortment of weapons to choose from
Knights are organized into semi-feudal households, with a backstory that is too lame to even try to explain.  The bottom line is that, as with the rest of the Imperium, the Knight households divided during the Horus Heresy, with some embracing hope and change with the Warmaster, and others sticking with the so-called "Emperor".  With this group finished we were able to have some Knight vs. Knight combat in Epic 30k this past weekend.

"Paladin" variant on the left, "Errant" variant on the right

I had no specific Knight household in mind, just wanted some different colours from my first bunch, so they could be opponents on the table
Even though they are "small" (you know, relatively), Knights still provide a big punch on the table, forming an extremely mobile and versatile force that hits pretty hard.  While GW has made these available as models in 28mm scale (and it is one of the nicest new kits GW has ever issued, just beautiful) the Epic setting provides the room, scope and proper context required for these things to really be fun on the table.  There is an astonishing variety of weapons assortments, and whatever you choose, these things will have a good time stalking around, terrorizing enemy tanks and infantry.  But they will have to watch out, because in the grim darkness of the far future, there is always something bigger...

Like Titans!  I painted two more to add to the group from my previous submission (see that post for explanations on the colours and Legions involved).  To maintain rough strategic parity in my Epic 30k collection, there is one for the rebel side and one for the loyalist side.

Reaver class Titan from Legio Mortis
Reaver class Titan from Legio Gryphonicus
These are Reaver class "medium" battle titans.  In addition to a slightly more artful carapace than the ones from last week, these ones are also sporting close combat weapons! Because in the grim darkness of the far future, it doesn't matter if you are 10 stories tall and armed with weapons which can level entire city blocks in one shot - you STILL might have to PUNCH something.  Don't worry, the engineers of Mars have got you covered! Behold, the titan-sized power fist - it's silly, and I love it!

Large close combat fist for extra-smashing duties

Still sporting a big laser cannon and "apocalypse" launcher for more conventional fun
Equipping your titans with close combat weapon systems is something of a gamble in the Epic game.  The power fist comes at the expense of mounting one of the other, very useful and terrifying weapon systems.  This sucks early in the game when you wish you had one more volcano cannon shot to bombard the enemy.  A further consideration is that the fist is only useful if you are close enough to punch the other titan, so you have to basically charge forward and get to grips for it to be worthwhile...

A view of another close combat attachment

This Titan is also sporting a scary-as-hell plasma can only fire every other turn, so the crew can spend that time moving the Titan closer to whatever needs to be punched while it powers up between shots
On the plus side, if you bring your titan into close combat with another one and succeed, the results tend to be immediate and rewarding, as a Titan that is unsuccessful in a "close combat" tends disappear in some manner of spectacular explosion - indeed, so spectacular the Titan which defeated it risks serious damage itself! Did I mention I love how warped all of this is...?

Titan maniple from Legio Mortisi now ready for action! The big guns for a better universe! Horus for hope!
I felt both sides should have one Titan sporting a close combat power fist.  There are several gamers in our group who display the proper level of aggression to make the most of them on the table!

Titan maniple from Legion Gryphonicus, ready to defend the so-called "Emperor" to the bitter end...deluded fools...
So, in total this includes two Titans, four Knights, five 6mm sized vehicles and 40 6mm sized infantry.  Some decent Epic 30k momentum as the conclusion of the Challenge loomed, and great stuff for our game at Legions Maxximus! Stay tuned for more on that later this week...


Staz Matt said...

Beautiful work

Michael Peterson said...

I've really admired your 30K entries in this year's challenge. The colour choices and detail are superb.

Michael Awdry said...

What an amazing entry, awesome sight Greg.

Ray Rousell said...

Beautiful brushwork Greg!!

JamieM said...

Absolutely brilliant stuff. Almost nice enough for me to forgive you for "forcing" me into Epic ;)

Moiterei_1984 said...

Excellent work and constantly high quality output throughout the challenge Greg!