Monday, March 6, 2017

Painting Challenge Submission 15 - Crusader Warband Grows!

More 28mm Crusade-era figures from Perry Miniatures

My last submission to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge kicked off a small, four-point warband of Crusaders for the game "SAGA".  This represents a new period and set of rules for me, something I'm looking forward to playing with the group here in Winnipeg.  I'm excited to report that the painting momentum with this project has continued over the past week, and I have the balance of the warband to share with you today. I have completed the mounted knights and another group of infantry and so have nearly all of the elements required for a basic SAGA warband - my first one!

Humble crossbowmen
I tried to use a drab palette of colours on these basic but important soldiers - it was a long walk to the Holy Land, after all...
While I had some fun painting the shields on the bunch submitted last week, my shipment of transfers from LBMS finally arrived.  After experimenting with a couple of them, I see why people love them and I'm unlikely to ever go back...I'm not saying I won't paint a shield again, but wow, these transfers are super useful and very helpful, particularly the designs which my freehand skills cannot match.  I know I have disappointed some of the purists out there, but there you have it...

The stars of the show - the Knights!

While the crossbowmen are not wearing armour, and might perhaps make for better levies than warriors, I wanted some figures without chainmail in my initial warband, so for now will count them as particularly fierce or devout folks.  I have barely tried SAGA, but I expect once I get some experience with the game I will further expand this bunch to be levies, while adding some other warrior-types later.

These Perry sculpts are just magnificent.
LBMS shield transfers...once you try them, there is no going back (for me)

The miniatures are all Perry twins castings, and are a real treat to paint - just tremendous sculpts and I really enjoy them.  As before, the square basing continues - not ideal for a skirmish game, perhaps, but I already have visions (delusions?) of a larger "Hail Caesar" force taking shape, and in that world I would want to pull every available figure in, so these fellows might end up taking part in movement trays.  One day!

As an added bonus, the flags from Maverick Models also arrived so I put those on. With ancient and medieval forces, I always feel like you can never have enough flags, pennons etc.  They just seem to "make" the setting for me. Flags are just another way to show the opposing force that you are awesome and they suck, right?

A larger standard can count as a sort of main flag bearer for the SAGA warband...this one is a little small at this point to have something like that, but as I expand the warband I'll count the fellow with the large flag as a banner-bearer

I used the cloth flags from Maverick, and I let them get a bit frayed when I cut them.  I need to manage my clipping of these things a little better, but on the whole I don't mind a slightly frayed look to these particular flags and pennants.  After all, these things traveled from Europe to the Levant as part of the First Crusade - this is how I like to imagine this warband.  The flags etc. are going to look a little worn - but they still show the faith of the devout. God wills it!

Forward for God and glory!
The finished SAGA warband, guarding the Holy Land in my kitchen, awaiting a Warlord to lead it...

Of course it is always fun to include the total progress photo. In total there are two groups of "hearthguard" - four mounted knights each - and two groups of "warriors" - the eight armoured spearmen and the eight crossbowmen. In total, a four point warband - the bare basics for SAGA.  All this bunch needs now is a warlord to lead them.  Stay tuned for more on that.

My 1000 point goal for the Challenge is in sight...should be reaching that goal any moment now...


Michael Awdry said...

More great additions and I love that final image with the group as a whole, very impressive.

Neil Scott said...

Excellent additions. The whole force looks great