Monday, December 19, 2016

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII - Byron's Insane Plan

Well, Greg posted his grant plan for his entry this year to Curt's annual paint challenge and I kept meaning to the last few weeks but got sidetracked with work (real work) and prep for hobby stuff.  So, better late than never, right?

This year I once again entered at 1000 point goal, but after prep and cleanup and everything I have FAR more than that, and more coming in.... sigh....

So, here is my initial plan:
I am sure that it will not survive the first month, let alone the entire challenge, but I have to start somewhere.

Priority 1 - Dropfleet Commander and Kingdom Death

I have been excited for Dropfleet Commander since it was first announced, after all I am a huge fan of Dropzone Commander (the universe it is based in) and Battlefleet Gothic (which the rules are kind of an evolution of since Andy Chambers wrote the rules with the Hawk Wargames team).  Combine those two things and you have pure win in my mind.  The plan is to paint one fleet early in the challenge and the other later on.  That way I can start getting some games in with Mike, but not have to paint everything all at once.  
Just a small number of ships I have, but all that I have assembled so far. 
Not sure if I will paint the UCM or PHR first, I am leaning towards UCM first as
they will be simpler to paint, but I like PHR better so that may change.
I am planning to visit Curt sometime in January or February this year and they had such a blast with Kingdom Death last time I was out, that I figured I should get some figures actually painted so we can have a better looking game this time, or at least that is the plan.  I an even trying to get some Arena Rex stuff done by then to take with me as well, although that falls into Priority 2, and only if I can get it done in time, otherwise it will come later on.

Priority 2 - Epic 30k, French Dragoons, and Arena Rex

Next up are a few very different projects on my table.  Epic 30k and the madness that Greg has inspired just has to get done. I have several really nice vehicles and infantry models to paint and some titans on the way (probably not here until Feb, so they are down the priority list) and they are all 6mm so paint insanely fast.

The French Dragoons have been on my painting table for 2 years now, so its really time to get them done as well, even though I DREAD painting cavalry.

Priority 3 - DBA Swiss Pikemen, and some French Artillery

I also have a whole DBA army prepped and ready to go.  I have played the game with Dave Violago and really like the simplified nature of it, so picked up some Swiss Pikemen a few years ago, but they have sat in the box since then.  I have no idea if they are good/bad or whatever in game, I just wanted to paint some pikemen.  I am already regretting that choice though as I picked up the Xyston hammered steel pikes and have drawn blood on them several times while assembling them already!  I even stepped on a stand that I had sitting around waiting to prime and had 4 pikes stuck in my foot bleeding, that woke the household up, I can tell you!  Anyway, it is time they get done. 

Priority 4 and 5 - Everything Else

I am very lucky I have a patient wife, as I have WAY too many small unfinished projects kicking around.  This year the Priority 4 includes a second Dropfleet Commander force, some Epic 30k Titans, a 40k Tau Titan (which is massive, almost a foot tall!), some 1:3000 scale WW1 ships, a second Malifaux gang, more modern miniatures from Spectre, and lots of zombies (both from the Zombicide series and the Walking Dead game).

Theme Weeks
This year I actually planned ahead for most of the weeks and have things setup, so that will be a welcome change.  I am really tempted to do cowboys as east and samurai as west though, since the whole direction thing is relative (an "discussion" I had with Curt :-) ), but I will be civil and do them in the right category (or is it? After all if you are in Japan, the old west is east of you!).

WAY TOO MANY other things

I didn't want to get into everything on my list, just a brief overview of some of the key things.  As I mentioned at the top, I am sure the list will look nothing like it does right now by month two...  I have too many squirrels running around in my brain to stay on any given thing for too long.  I mean this list doesn't even cover the 28mm 30k stuff I have here, nor the bolt action, infinity, martian front, and 50 other game systems....  In the end I will be surprised if I get close to 30% of this list done, and everything else I do get done will be something not on the list.

I know for a fact that I will not get everything done as it comes close to 2200 points and I can realistically get 1000-1500 done in the winter, so planning just kind of got away from me here.

Oh well, let the challenge begin, and good luck to everyone else involved with it this year.  Have fun and keep the brushes flying!


The Angry Lurker said...

Good luck sir!

Michael Awdry said...

That all looks very impressive, best of luck Sir.

Millsy said...

I've stabbed myself numerous times with metal pikes but I've never managed to stand on them! I'll bet that hurt like hell. Injuries aside, best of luck Byron. Looking forward to seeing some (or even ALL) of this painted mate.

Greg B said...

A spreadsheet? LOL! But seriously, brain squirrels are essential to optimum hobby production...

Ian said...

Looking forward to seeing the Arena Rex figures getting done, may make me paint some of mine


Sylvain said...

A beautiful plan!

tim said...

Looking forward to seeing it all painted, Byron!