Monday, April 18, 2016

Poll Results and New Poll

Our last poll asked, "GW has released plastic 30K models in the new "Betrayal at Calth" game. Will you buy it?"

35 of you responded; here are the results:

Yes, I'll pick up one. (9 votes, 25%)

Yes, more than one! (4 votes, 11%)

No, not interested in 30K (22 votes, 62%)

So a little more than one in three respondents intended to get their Calth on.

The next poll is in keeping with the GW theme:

Did you buy Games Workshop's new Limited Edition Imperial Marine last weekend? 

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Iannick said...

The girlfriend surprised me with Betrayal at Calth boxset, so I might indeed eventually paint my first post 2001 GW figures! Next year's challenge, maybe?

Chuckaroobob said...

Still have over two hundred beakies, didn't need another.

Alexi said...

Beakies makes me feel so old.