Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last Stand on Isstvan - Horus Heresy Battle Report

Last week we rolled out my new IX Legion Blood Drinkers army for a game of "30K". Conscript Greg supplied the storyline:

“The Warmaster has raised his true flag at Istvaan and now his Legions turn against the very Imperium they strove to create.  Horus’ war fleets make a grim advance toward Terra while the Imperial authorities struggle to recover from the shock of the Warmaster’s betrayal.  Through the Warmaster’s own sinister designs the Loyalist forces are scattered at the outset of the war and must make what defence they can manage while awaiting further instruction.

In this setting elements of the IXth Legion are making a stand in a city called Rogsburg, hoping to hold back elements of the Sons of Horus and the World Eaters as they race through the local system.  Can a determined local defense of a critical supply depot spike the plans of the Warmaster and his minions?”

We played a straightforward game with 4 objectives, on a half-urban-half-rural board using my new mat from Barrage Miniatures. The Blood Drinkers deployed a Praetor and his Command squad, two large tactical squads, a veteran squad with missile launcher, six-man Terminator squad, and a Rapier. They were joined by two large Solar Auxilia units (19 men each) and an Auxilia Veletaris Storm Squad.

The traitors followers of the alternative Emperor rolled with a couple tactical squads and some specialized weaponeers - squads armed with multi-meltas, heavy bolters, volkite weaponry, and plasma guns. Ouch! They were lead by a Praetor with command squad and various hangers-on like a Centurion, Apothecary, Legion Champion, etc.  Points totalled about 1500 per side.

Here's a view from the Blood Drinkers' side of the table. The objectives were mainly scattered through the middle of the table, with both sides having to move on them.

Game on! Traitor Marines move towards a wood, looking to set up a firebase.

Traitor tactical squad moves up also.

Traitors deploy in the built-up area. You can see a few of the traitor characters standing just outside the building.

Roll Tide!! The followers of Sanguinius got the first turn, and the two tactical squads moved up, fronted by the Terminator squad. First objective taken - seen at centre right just behind the front-line trooper.

The Blood Drinkers were accused of using the Solar Auxilia as ablative human shields in the battle, a charge that the IX Legion strongly denied. Not even sure how anyone would get that impression.

I mean, I ask you...?

Veteran Marines squad deployed behind an Auxilia squad and moved together towards objective #2.

Rapier Laser Destroyer somehow made it up onto the second floor of the building. Some serious suspensor work there.

Auxilia fan out a bit and start taking fire from the traitors at top.

On the other side of the table, the Terminators have been thinned down a tad, and some Auxilia have rushed to the front. Their righteous zeal for the Emperor knows no bounds - it would be downright boorish for the Blood Drinkers to prevent the Auxilia getting between them and the traitors.

Traitor bolter fire takes its toll on the Auxilia but the survivors hang in there. I have to give some props to the Solar Auxilia in this battle, their lasgun fire took a toll on the traitors, especially as the Auxilia was tooled up with some buffs to their shooting.

Blood Drinkers Veterans sweep towards the objective after Auxilia absorb the shooting. There's a reason these guys survived long enough to be "veterans".

Surviving Terminators anchor the line with the Auxilia. The battle's nearing its end and the IX Legion is firmly in control.

Too many chiefs and not enough braves on the traitor side, I'm afraid ;-)

The mighty IX Legion had a weight of numbers and the excellent Solar Auxilia to back them up, and while the game went back and forth, the result was a clear win for the followers of the Emperor. I really like 30K as a gaming experience - the models are great, and the fact that there's a limited number of unit types involved means that the "special rules overload" of 40K isn't as likely to rear its head. Heresy escalation is now in full effect - we need vehicles!!


Iannick said...
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Iannick said...

Great looking game and an entertaining AAR. Made me think of :

btw, what rules do you use for that? Are there 30k rules?

Iannick...who doesn't know anything about the new GW or FW stuff ;-

Dallas said...

Thanks for the comment, Iannick - that's a great link!

We used the latest edition 40K rules for the game - there isn't a "30K-specific" ruleset from GW. The difference is in the Heresy-specific army lists, available from Forgeworld in their Heresy book series and in specific books containing just the army lists.

Greg B said...

Well, I just have to say the Solar Auxilia certainly had an incredible outing - I guess we'll have to wait for the next game to see if the IXth Legion actually wants to join the fight :)