Monday, February 16, 2015

Forgeworld Titan Crew

When you have a Titan I guess you'd better have a crew as well. So awhile back I'd ordered Forge World's resin Titan crew. Interestingly for GW models, they come with integral bases cast right on!

So here they are - the Princeps (centre) and two Moderati. I pinched the colour scheme from that used by another enthusiast, found on the Internet (thanks man!)  I think the red sets off the red on their Legio Metalica Titan nicely.

The Forge World models are lovely indeed (as you'd expect for the price) and they turned out nicely. They'll be handy for a scenario where they have to cross a hostile table to mount up in their ride, or in a similar game.


Greg B said...

Great work Dallas. I love how the Forge World designers followed the original look of the Rogue Trader-era Titan crew. These guys look great.

David Larkins said...

Lovely! I don't play 40K, but I might have to pick up this set to serve as mascots for my Epic-scale Titan Legion... :)

Millsy said...

Very nice indeed Dallas!