Saturday, March 29, 2014

Five Nights, One Knight - Another GW Imperial Knight (Titan) Painted

This Knight knows the False Emperor must be stopped...
Here is my painted Imperial Knight - "El Booze" - a Knight Titan in service of the Sons of Horus Legion. This project is inspired by Dallas in many ways - from the purchase, to getting it painted in five days - I have to credit him for really spurring this on.

Sunday afternoon - basic "skeleton" assembled
Monday evening - first coats of paint
Dallas and I ordered our models from the US as soon as they were released by GW (and saved big time doing so - while I have a lot of love for Canadian retailers, GW tries to use our third-world devalued Canadian dollar to rip us off). Dallas got started on his right away, while I dithered, engrossed with my Legion Project.

Late Monday evening - two washes of GW Nuln Oil wash over the basic metal colours

The eyes are painted…man do they look spooky
But there was a clock of sorts running - the local GW store was having a little competition for painted Knight models today.  Dallas worked carefully and religiously to get his done in time.  And it looked awesome! Shamed and inspired, last Sunday I realized I had less than a week left, so I dove into it.

This is Tuesday night…basic colours applied to the plates, and the lower level plates are glued on
Thursday night - now the plates are on, decals starting to come together
 I built the model on Sunday afternoon, and painted over Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The short instructional videos GW put on YouTube about assembling and painting the Knight were excellent guides and really helped out.  I painted the "skeleton" first, leaving the armour plates off.  The skeleton was painted with GW Leadbelcher paint, highlighted with GW Gahenas Gold, and washed with two coats of Nuln Oil.

The finished product from Friday night 
Love that scary chain sword arm
The back story behind the Imperial Knights is, as far as I'm concerned, a bit barmy.  The Imperium's armed forces are replete with a vast array of scary weapons systems, including entire pseudo-fraternal orders of 20-story-tall walking killing machines.  But somehow these Imperial Knights are run as a borderline farmer co-op on some agri-worlds?  Right…

A view of the "skeleton" behind the plates…and hey, the banner is backwards! I'm such a dunce with models sometimes

Battle cannon ready to hunt loyalists on Istvaan III and elsewhere...
So I just ignored the whole Imperial Knight back story all together, and painted this to be part of Horus's 16th Legion.  The Space Marine legions are travelling carnival hordes of weapons and troops - why wouldn't they have a few Knights in the armoury? This way it can be part of the ongoing Horus Heresy action when we start playing some games later in the spring.

I used a combination of washes and sponging to add some weathering to the plates on the armour 

I added some additional weathering to the exhausts at the back
The armour plates were painted a mix of black and sea foam green that the Sons of Horus seem to like, with a few white spots (knee plate, face plate). I used a mix of decals from the Imperial Knight box and a Forge World Sons of Horus decal sheet.

Dallas pointed out these withered eagles on the Knight decal sheet - I'm glad he did!

The "withered eagle" makes a nice commentary for a piece of machinery in Horus' arsenal…
This model is one of the nicest GW has put out in a long, long time.  It was fun to assemble, looks really cool and was a lot of fun to paint. If you look closely at the pictures you will see I put the leg banner on backwards (duh) but other than that I didn't screw anything up too bad. The array of options for design and enhancement in the box is impressive.  I opted for the rapid fire battle cannon, but am kind of regretting it after seeing how cool that melta cannon looks…oh well.

Dallas and I brought our respective Knight models out to the local GW shop for the show today - hopefully Dallas will do a post on the blog recapping that, but suffice to say there are a number of really talented painters in Winnipeg!

And now, back to the Legion project...


Dallas said...

Outstanding, dude! It's ridiculous how fast you can paint and get Such awesome results...

Simon Quinton said...

Lovely job it looks outstanding.

Curt said...

Stonking great work Greg! You and Dallas blow me away with how good you do your vehicles. (BTW nice touch with the withered Imperial Eagle decal.)