Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - Progress Report #4

My Sedition Wars Vanguard faction has increased, with the addition of five more Vanguard Samaritans (three elite special weapons troopers, plus a couple more regular troopers), and a character. I really like Kev White's dynamic sculpting style. Also, it's nice to see female science fiction figures that are actually posed well, wearing decent armour.

Zenithal highlighting: primed with Black P3 spray, airbrushed white highlights. Multiple thin glazes of Games Workshop Thraka Green and Gryphon Sepia washes were laid on. This really brings out the highlights of areas like the tops of the helmets, shoulders and calves, and shadows like the small of the back and underneath the limbs.

The resin/plastic bare heads of the Vanguard Elite Troopers have a surprising amount of detail for figs coming from steel moulds. The flesh tones were first done in Vallejo acrylics, then over-painted  with wet-on-wet tube oil paints. I rarely paint the whites of the eyes any more. At this scale it often makes the figure look pop-eyed; I would rather bring out facial features. The in-game special weapons (from L to R below, a Bouncer Grenade Launcher, a Fusion Lance, and a Reaver Support Weapon) could also pass for a generic grenade launcher, beam weapon, and SAW in other sci-fi or near-future game settings.

The other Samaritans' visors were, this time, under-painted in GW Golden Yellow, Blood Red, and Red Gore, then blended with Cadmium Scarlet and Titanium White oils. This gave more shape to the visors.

Operator Akosha Nama is a very neat casting. I wanted her face and Dioxazine Purple hair to stand out, but otherwise keep her to a more subdued palette than the regular troopers. I gave her a very dark Asurmen Blue jumpsuit, and glazed both her smock and base with Badab Black; I figured her smock would blend in to her surroundings. I glazed the sniper rifle with Devlan Mud, a less contrasting colour than the guns of the others.

That makes 11 Vanguard so far.

Next up, Tech Comm Kara (using Hasslefree's Scout Armoured sci fi female, also sculpted by Kev White), Corpsman Morgan Vade, Captain Kara Black, heavy weapon guy Barker Zosa, and four A.I. drones. The characters' flesh tones, and a few layers of glaze on the drones, have already been painted.

One these Vanguard are done, I can then start on 24 Strain nano-virus zombies and large monsters.

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