Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crimson Fist "Beakie" Tactical Squad and Rhino

Crimson Fist tactical squad and a new ride
 More Crimson Fists from the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. This is a squad of "beakie" style Rogue Trader era Space Marines.  It is a 10-man tactical squad, led by a kick-ass sergeant and featuring some hard hitting support in the form of a melta gun and, for those enemies of the Emperor that really need a good cooking, a multi-melta. They also have a Rhino to drive around in.

Mix of RT-era metals and RTB-01 plastics

The squad is a mix of metal RT-era sculpts and good old, classic, RTB-01 plastics.  It was really, really fun to build them and paint them. A great nostalgia exercise. Boy I wish I had another few boxes of those things.  When I think of all the plastic ones I ruined when I first started out...

That melta gunner looks serious

The Chapter symbols are all freehand painting, which is why they look a little all over the place.  The decals do not work at all on these old figures - they are too big, and too fiddly to cut.  So freehand scratching it is!

Who would mess with that Sergeant?

The officer has "Terminator Honours", a power fist and a bolt pistol.  I generally dislike Space Marine figures without helmets (you have power armour - WEAR IT), but it's a cool figure, and he has his helmet handy - I like that they at least thought to sculpt it on to the model's gear.

Multi-melta gunner is second from the right - love that figure

The special weapon figures are two more RT-era favourites.  Both the melta and multi-melta gunners look like they mean business.

These guys would actually fit in the newer Rhino!

I have been using plastic vehicle kits from the contemporary GW range for both the Crimson Fists (as well as my Rogue Trader guardsmen).  The old models are expensive and hard to find, but I have to admit I really prefer the newer models - they are really, really sharp.  Plus they look more in scale!

Rhino has a bit of weathering to show some time in the field
The newer Rhino kits are bigger than the old ones. Of course the Space Marine sculpts themselves grew in size thanks to scale creep, but when you put a new Rhino next to a unit of RT-era figures, the Rhino looks like it might actually carry 10 troops!

Helpful symbol adorns the top access hatches

Pedro Cantor's original command of 15 survivors has now expanded to a 40-man detachment - three tactical squads and one devastator squad, as well as some affiliated command models, a Predator and even a fancy company commander. Sadly this squad represents the final reserves of my hoard of Rogue Trader era marines, originally acquired for the Rogue Trader Anniversary Project

Techmarine near the beginnings of a Crimson Fist armoured column
The original plastic "beakies" are getting harder and harder to come by on eBay, and the metal ones are not much more common.  I hopeful of finding one or two final "scores", and in the interim I will continue to add things like more vehicles, a dreadnought, and maybe even some Terminators for support. Stay tuned!


javi said...

I really love how you managed to archive so vibrant colores on a rather dark hued chapter.

Would you mind sharing your recipe ?

Also like a lot those green eles they got. According to RT book they had yellow dones but IMO green looks better. I might chance mine.

Simon Quinton said...

I think the older rogue trader figures are better size wise with the newer rhinos.

Great looking squad.

Greg B said...

Thanks guys! Javi, the "recipe" is not too complicated.

I start with a black base, then GW's dark blue (I think they call it "Cantor Blue") as the first colour. An initial, and fairly widespread highlight of a middle blue ("GW Caledor Sky"). I use a bright blue (I think it's "Lothern Blue", but I'm not sure)to pick out the lines on the armour etc. I then hit the whole thing with a wash of GW "Agrax Earthshade" - seems to leave it dark, but with the highlights punching through.

Millsy said...

Top notch work mate. The hand painted unit markings are superb. Loving watching this force come together - so much character!

DeanM said...

Nice! I like the Crimson Fists colors - and your work does them justice. Best, Dean

LegioCustodes said...

Mate.... what the f*#k are you talking about.... Those hand painted fist symbols are excellent. And I mean really top notch, they look better than the modern transfers.

As a fellow Crimson Fists player I know their symbol can be a b*tch to paint but it's well worth it. I've got some pics on my blog which might give you some ideas of other stuff you can use. I have been collecting fists since I worked for GW over a decade ago and now have nearly two full companies worth of marines!! I just love these guys,

Once again top work....I think I'm in love with your models,,,,

Hivemind aka Starminer said...

I love the old school. I've had old school marines for ages too, and lately have been inspired to build up a RT style army. My problem is that those miniatures are scattered across several armies and I'm loathe to repaint them, as some are very well painted.

As for the myth of 10 Space Marines not fitting into the old Rhino, I remind you of Mike Major's (you might know him I think :) project where he set out to prove bust that myth, and fully detailed and crewed a Rhino, full of marines. Myth Busted! they say.